Tixati News

September 5, 2014

Tixati version 1.99 is now available. This release fixes several minor issues in the DHT and other parts of the program, and also offers improved Linux shell integration.
- DHT improved table-refresh behavior after system suspend/resume
- several improvements to DHT peer-db management algorithms for robustness against floods
- compatibility fixes to deal with remote DHT clients that send slightly malformed announce messages
- 20% wider DHT announce pattern to improve reliability in less-populated torrents
- improved remote WebUI performance under heavy file-transfer conditions
- fixed Linux magnet: and dsc: link shell association
- minor changes to Linux ACPI dbus messages for better compatibility
- minor adjustments to Channel streaming algorithms to improve performance with marginal bandwidth
- several additional RSS compatibility improvements
- many other minor fixes throughout the program

We are now working on a major update and will be proceeding to alpha-test Tixati v2.x in the coming months.  Further details will be posted when it is closer to completion.

Thanks for using Tixati!

August 26, 2014

Tixati version 1.98 has been released.  This version fixes several problems in the RSS reader, and offers improved DHT and file-transfer performance.
- all published items in RSS feeds are now presumed to link to metadata if no other usable media-embed links exist
- RSS feed published items marked "magnet link only" will now be auto-downloaded by default
- work-around for RSS feeds that don't correctly encoded item URIs
- several compatibility fixes in the RSS HTTP protocol logic
- several minor DHT adjustments to further improve search speed
- tweaks to channel connection protocol to improve startup speed
- minor adjustments of UDP Peer Connection logic
- recovery from system ACPI suspend/resume is now much faster on Windows systems
- Linux auto-shutdown improvements, will work on any system supporting ConsoleKit via dbus, otherwise will issue direct command-line shutdown
- Linux ACPI suspend inhibition support on more systems (Gnome/Mate/Freedesktop)
- Linux magnet: and dsc: protocol handler support on more systems
- several other minor fixes throughout the program

Thanks for using Tixati!  More updates are coming soon.

August 20, 2014

Tixati version 1.97 has been released.  This is a maintenance release that contains many important fixes and several other minor improvements.

DHT Overhaul
- significantly faster DHT search speed
- vastly better protection against DoS and Clone/Flood attacks
- new incoming transaction soft ratelimiting system, to keep overall DHT traffic low under severe network conditions
- better cross-table high network concentration detection heuristics
- IPv4/6 cross-protocol bootstrapping improvements, better compatibility with Teredo systems

- overhauled PEX (peer exchange) caching system
- increased maximum metadata size to accommodate extremely large torrents
- sparse file allocation is now the default method on filesystems that support it
- loosened file last-modified time matching rules (in an attempt to stop some reported problems with NAS units)
- eliminated a pause after clicking the Add button in some XP systems
- failing tracker will not fallback to unannounced mode while transfer is in running mode
- minor tracker protocol compatibility adjustments
- no downloading while checking during initialization phase
- fixed a crash in the preload window when Apply To All is checked and Skip Queue is selected

- overhauled connection certificate caching system for more reliable connections
- using alternate threading strategy for channel stream piece decoding (eliminates a Win7-only handle leak caused by a faulty 3rd party POSIX threading library)
- stream titles show in chat via /streamtitles option
- option to randomize selected stream playlist items
- short duration ts/mp3 files are streamed more smoothly
- fixed several other minor bugs with stream title passthrough to media player
- version column in connections view
- channel-list search IP concentration limits loosened
- several minor protocol tweaks
- channel search function minor fixes

- fixed problems with POSIX threading library on Win7 platforms (handle leak)
- fixed problems with system suspend/resume on Win7 platforms
- improved SSDP and SLRD local peer discovery port-bind error handling
- minor UPC protocol adjustments
- minor fixes in UPC socket diagnostic charts
- Linux system suspend inhibition is now more reliable
- fixed minor problems in XP systems with saving config files in too large of chunks
- better handling of URLs containing # symbol (in RSS and other places HTTP is used)
- updated IP-Country database

- eliminate usage of file last-modified times to trigger checking (will instead keep block/file level hashes and use dynamic checking)
- overhaul of transfer multi-file management logic
- further investigation of some Win8 kernel panic problems (we did not observe problems on any of our Win8 systems, and are still trying to track this down)
- replacement of the .torrent auto-load system with something more reliable than the Windows file change notification API
- RSS auto-load / auto-start problems (this has also been difficult to recreate on our systems)
- a report of a Scheduler freezing problem
- overall framework upgrade to a leaner C++11 based system

More updates are being worked on.  Thanks for using Tixati!

May 28, 2013

Tixati version 1.96 is now available for download.  This version features several channel streaming improvements as well as several internal improvements to the DHT to provide for better security and robustness.
  • fixed problems with stream origination from pre-hashed files
  • stream item titles are now easily manipulated in playlist
  • stream title pass-through to listener's media player via ICY-MetaData
  • titles are parsed from source HTTP broadcasts and optionally relayed
  • titles are parsed from ID3 tags in pre-hashed MP3s
  • channel gathering operations are 50% faster
  • fixed problems with "meta info size mismatch" when creating new seeds
  • DHT algorithms and flood-protection heuristics have been greatly improved

Thanks for using Tixati!  More improvements are on the way...

May 10, 2013

Version 1.95 is now available.  This update features revised peer handling algorithms, new features and protocol improvements for the channels, and several other important fixes.
  • channel private messages flash the tray icon (optional, default on)
  • channel activity when view unfocused optionally changes tray icon (default off)
  • numerous protocol improvements for channel connections
  • approximately 8% improved channel streaming efficiency in swarms over 10 peers
  • transfer incoming connections are now more closely limited when max connection limit is close
  • faster peer rotation algorithm for transfers with large number of peers
  • minimum peer automatic re-connect time has been shortened, especially when few other peers
  • problems with extreme numbers of incoming connections flooding out established peers have been eliminated
  • peer local-interest throttling now allows slightly more (~20%) sources when bandwidth throttle not hit
  • final transfer tracker handshake upon program exit now reports absolute latest download/upload byte counts
  • updated IP address to country tables, now includes all allocations up to May 7, 2013
  • fixed problems with rss-created transfer meta-info
  • fixed problems with menu context (top/bottom pane mismatch on file commands) in split DL/Seed layout
  • compatibility improvements for Win8 systems

Thanks for using Tixati!  More improvements are coming soon.

February 28, 2013

Tixati version 1.94 is now available.  This version includes numerous improvements to the RSS reader, the web interface, and downloaded file handling, in addition to several dozen minor fixes through the program.  
  • RSS episode title parser supports anime-style encoding _-_###
  • Undo feature allows accidentally removed feeds to be restored for up to 2 minutes
  • RSS feed update pooling handles HTTP response 304 (Not Modified) more efficiently
  • RSS feeds limited to 3 concurrent updates
  • RSS feed non-default download/MOC locations now override category selection
  • Right-clicking one or more feeds allows download/MOC locations and category to be changed via menu
  • Several feed parsing improvement for wider compatibility
  • Atom feeds are now supported
  • Added scripting to web interface to disable buttons when no selection
  • Web interface has optional filter for transfers (off by default, enabled on Settings page within web interface)
  • Adding a transfer has option to stop after meta-info is gathered but before files are allocated
  • Bitfield display for folders within transfers is now more accurate
  • Initial file touching is now handled asynchonously and will not block UI for transfers containing many thousands of files
  • Improved downloaded-file checking heuristics in partially-downloaded transfers
  • Several minor fixes to the Scheduler
  • User-configurable folder shortcut queue size
  • Several file and folder dialog improvements on the Windows platform, including asynchronous icon caching
  • Several other Windows platform fixes to various UI widgets

January 20, 2013

Tixati version 1.93 is now available for download.  This release features a new Web UI as well as several important bug-fixes and improvements.
The Web Interface can be activated from the main settings window under the User Interface > Web Interface view.  The interface is fully customizable via template files, however the default implementation should be adequate for most uses and has been designed for maximum compatibility with different browser configurations and does NOT need JavaScript.  More work on the default template (including adding some non-invasive scripting to disable controls when there is no selection, etc.) will be done in future releases.

Trackers should now handle non-compliant HTTP responses more robustly, further increasing compatibility.  Upload/download totals on transfers over 4GB should now be handled correctly.

A few bugs writing large files over 4GB have been corrected.

File checking will no longer be triggered by general file-system errors and will only be triggered by a last-modified time mismatch.  This should alleviate problems when networked storage becomes temporarily unavailable.

Several other minor GUI bugs have also been fixed.

Another release is being planned soon with several fixes in the RSS reader and a possible replacement to the file/folder selection dialogs in Windows versions (these have been causing delays upon clicking the add button).  We are also working on some issues specific to Windows 8 performance.

Thanks for using Tixati!

August 30, 2012

Version 1.92 is now available.  This update features important usability improvements, some new features, and dozens of minor fixes and improvements.

There is now a function to undo the last transfer remove operation.  This is available in the popup menu that appears after clicking the Remove button in the main transfers view.  Transfers can be restored to the exact same state they were in, including peers and file selection, for up to three minutes after they have been removed.  After three minutes, memory and other resources are reclaimed by the system.

Transfer downloading algorithms have been improved to reduce outgoing interest in seeds when downloading from too many sources.  If the outgoing bandwidth throttle is being hit, transfers will reduce interest to try to download only from the 10 fastest sources.  If the throttle is not being hit or is not set, an advanced algorithm is used to reduce interest in seeds that are not providing statistically-significant bandwidth (such as a seed that provides 1K/s in a transfer with several other seeds providing >100K/s each.)  This has resulted in a reduction of protocol-related bandwidth overhead, and improved file-transfer speeds.

Standard SSDP-based local peer discovery has been added as an option for transfers.  This feature defaults to inactive (for top security on unsecured LANs), but can be set so that all transfers are announced, or just a few can be enabled individually via the Options tab for the transfer.  The announcement protocol is the same SSDP over multicast protocol used by other clients, and is fully compatible.  However, it should be noted that this protocol, while compatible with other clients, uses no encryption and allows anyone else on your LAN to theoretically identify and log any transfers that are being announced.

Channels now have the option to use the new Secure Local Resource Discovery protocol to gather channels and find channel peers from local sources.  This protocol uses encryption and prevents other users on your LAN from knowing what is being announced unless they have specific foreknowledge of the channel/resource.

Portable-mode can now automatically associate with magnet/dsc links and .torrent files.  Tixati-portable will remember the state of association before it was altered and restore it when the program exits, leaving the system unchanged.

Tracker handshake format has been tweaked for better compatibility with trackers that monitor bandwidth usage or ratio.  The ordering of fields has been changed, and separate byte counters are kept for each individual session.

Decentralized Sharing Channels have had numerous minor improvements as well.  The streaming engine for .ts files has been adjusted for more accurate pacing (delete and re-add .ts in playlists to reset the segments with better pacing.)  The settings for channel defaults can now optionally be applied to all existing channels.  Tooltips on user names in the chat message window will also contain the message time.  Automatic permission issuance has been tweaked for more rapid action upon operator commands.

There have been several other minor improvements and fixes throughout the program.

Thanks for using Tixati!  Please tell your friends!

August 10, 2012

Version 1.91 is now available.  The new version features many important optimizations and fixes throughout the program, as well as vastly improved media streaming within channels via a new outgoing playlist interface and .mp3/.ts file support.
  • extremely large transfers containing up to 50,000 individual files can be processed smoothly
  • transfers with very high piece counts (hundreds of thousands) are fully functional
  • extended meta-info size limits and improved meta-info download and upload algorithms
  • DHT IPv6 query rate-limiting is now much more accurate, compensates for wide 6to4 ranges
  • better overall DHT flood-protection heuristics to prevent wasting outgoing bandwidth
  • piece selection algorithm now compensates for de-selected files on remote peers
  • more permissive magnet link processing that tolerates encoding errors and bad attributes
  • new transfer filename processing handles overly-long names much better, avoids creating duplicates
  • improved peer connection/disconnection algorithms, shorter early retry delays under high demand
  • seeding ratio/count stop is now delayed until any active move/alloc/checking completes
  • better shell file and link association control
  • main bandwidth graphs now display channel traffic in a different color
  • chat views can now have their font changed separately (Settings> User Interface > Fonts)
  • freshly gathered channels are displayed in a distinct color
  • incoming private messages show the time received in the window caption and text tooltip
  • outgoing channel streams can be created from a .ts or .mp3 file (create a channel and type /streamout)
  • full-featured playlist interface for outgoing streaming that can be used to create a regular schedule
  • outgoing stream hashing is now 5x faster on 64-bit Windows machines, matching Linux performance
  • outgoing stream file hashing can be pre-cached, greatly reducing CPU requirements to originate streams
  • more intelligent connection rotation algorithms that better account for channel streams
  • channel permission issuance has much longer time to live, easing maintenance on large channels
  • better stream playback scheduling to smooth out hiccups on some older media players
  • further RSS compatibility fixes to support feeds that are severly broken or misconfigured
  • IP-Location tables have been updated from all five regional registries, up to 2012-08-09
  • numerous optimizations have been done in the GUI, greatly reducing flicker and CPU usage
  • many other minor fixes and improvements have been made throughout the program
Further improvements are in the works and will appear in upcoming versions.

August 2, 2012

Tixati version 1.89 is now alpha-testing.  There have been major improvements to the channel streaming feature as well as countless other optimizations and refinements throughout the program.  Please visit alpha.tixati.com for more details and updates during the test.

July 3, 2012

Version 1.88 is now available.

This version features a complete overhaul of Tixati's local file handling.

Individual files within a transfer can now be independently moved to any location on your hard-drive, even while downloading or seeding is in progress. Files, folders, and entire transfers can also be renamed with ease, without interruption.

Files that are unselected (red X in the download column) now have a Delete option to remove them from the local hard-drive. A forced-check can also be initiated on individual files.

The sequencing of checking/allocating/moving operations has also been greatly improved. The operation queue is now device-aware, and will allow allocation or move operations to carry out concurrently if they are not using conflicting devices.

Numerous other minor aspects of file handling have been improved, such as default file permissions, locking, head+tail priority widths, fast-allocation algorithms, rechecking criteria, and error handling.

There have also been several other minor improvements in other parts of the program. Magnet links will now resolve immediately, even if the transfer is locally queued. The RSS reader has a few new feed compatibility work-arounds. Many GUI fixes have been made.

Further improvements to several other areas of Tixati are in the works and will appear in upcoming versions.

Thank-you for using Tixati!

June 20, 2012

Tixati version 1.87 is now beta-testing.  This is a major update to file handling functions and other important parts of the program.  Please visit beta.tixati.com for more details and updates during the test.

April 13, 2012

Tixati version 1.86 is now available.  This is a minor update that fixes a few display formatting problems in the bandwidth and DHT charts.

April 12, 2012

Tixati version 1.85 is now available.
This version introduces a new fully-decentralized media streaming technology, and several other improvements and fixes throughout the program.
Tixati's already fully-decentralized channels now feature the ability to efficiently stream audio and/or video to all other users in the channel.  Our groundbreaking streaming technology is built around mixed-coefficient linear network coding, which provides significantly higher swarm throughput than all other conventional methods.  Coded blocks are also secured against tampering by downstream peers via a combination of elliptic-curve and lattice-based homomorphic signatures.  This is the world's first practical implementation of fully-decentralized network-coded streaming.  More information about the streaming technology and how you can listen or make your own stream can be found on our streaming help page.
A native Windows 64-bit build is now available.  For users with 64-bit systems, this new build will deliver noticeably improved performance.
The IP Filter feature now supports the use of ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes in place of a URL to a blocklist file.  The IP ranges used for country filtering are the same ones that power the flag column in the peers view.  This IP-country table is compiled using records from all five regional IP registries, and is fully updated in every new Tixati release.
IP Filters are now fully IPv6 operational.  This includes checking Teredo and 6to4 addresses properly against both the IPv6 and IPV4 list for a match.  IPv6 addresses can also be included in blocklist files.  For a description of the format and some example files, please see the IP Filter help page.  Tixati is now 100% IPv6 compliant in all parts of the program.
The popup menu for files within a transfer has a new Open Location option, which will open the containing folder in your operating system's file explorer.
Tree and list views now use the left/right arrow keys to expand/collapse folders, and ctrl-left/right to scroll the view sideways.  This allows easier navigation.  Files will now launch if they are selected and the enter key is pressed.
In tracker URLs, a :header: directive may be added to the end, followed by URL-encoded HTTP header line(s) that are to be used in place of the regular UserAgent line.  A :peerid: directive may also be used on the very end of a tracker URL (after :header: directive, if present) to override the peerid parameter for a single tracker.  For more information, see the trackers help page.
Further compatibility improvements have been made to Tixati's Universal Plug and Play functionality.  Incoming ports will be automatically mapped on an even wider range of broadband routers that support the UPNP specification.  If anyone still experiences problems, please leave us a note on our forum, including the make and model of router, and the UPNP log output, which can be found in the main Help menu under the Diagnostics section.
Numerous other minor improvements and fixes have been made to Tixati's GUI and core, as well as several performance-improving optimizations for both 32 and 64 bit editions.
Further improvements, both major and minor, will be coming in the following months.
Thanks for using Tixati and enjoy the new version!

January 25, 2012

Tixati version 1.83 is now available.

This update contains numerous improvements to the Channels as well as other areas:
  • configurable default user name
  • UDP hole-punching for channel connections
  • channel command menu for all user levels
  • ability to turn off join and leave notifications with /notify [on/off]
  • no join notifications upon initial channel connection
  • purging does not drop users with locally set recommended level or mod authority
  • channel local share data can be mirrored anywhere by using ##mirror:dsc:<channel-hash>
  • ##mirror directives can specify refresh time by adding &ttl=<minutes>
  • timing in /banold and /updateall commands now allow 10 minute overlap to prevent chat distruptions
  • channel connections rejected due to time mismatch are now clearly identified
  • copying text from browse, information, or chat windows now includes expanded magnet/web links
  • tooltip over "Channel List" in window list now includes channel count, last gather, and other details
  • more reliable channels list gathering
  • partially downloaded browse / channel info display formatting is much cleaner
  • better search result formatting for untitled web-links and hash-only magnet links
  • ##MOTD directives allow part of channel info to be displayed in chat upon entry
  • DHT strengthened to work around poorly-implemented clients confused by asymetric-NAT
  • better offline-detection and recovery prioritization for DHT searches
  • SOCKS and HTTP proxy connections now support SSL/HTTPS
  • download completion notification balloon clicks can optionally open containing folder (see UI>Behavior)
  • new settings for channel default timestamping, join/leave notify, and username
  • several other minor user-interface improvements and bug-fixes

January 6, 2012

Tixati version 1.82 is now available.

This version introduces Decentralized Sharing Channels.  These allow you to share, search, and chat with other users in purely decentralized channels that anyone can create.

Other changes include:
  • vastly improved magnet-link creation options
  • all GUI fonts fully adjustable
  • improved configuration file storage and fail-safe procedures
  • several DHT fixes and improvements
  • much better PEX performance in torrents with very few users
  • updated IP-Country database
  • protocol compatibility improvements related to super-seeding
  • improved behavior of tray-icon notifications
  • new transfer columns "Created" and "Completed"
  • wider Linux binary compatibility (eliminated libstdc++ dependencies)
  • updated Linux 64-bit machine-code optimizations for faster performance
  • numerous other minor fixes and improvements throughout the GUI and core

January 3, 2012

Version 1.81 Beta-1
is now available for testing.  This new version features Decentralized Sharing Channels that allow you to chat and share with other users in decentralized swarms.  Several other minor improvements and fixes have been made.

October 2, 2011
Tixati version 1.74 is now available.

This is a minor update that offers improved tracker compatibility.  A few minor GUI glitches have also been fixed.

October 1, 2011
Tixati version 1.73 is now available.

The DHT implementation has been fully revised for this version, and now includes full IPv6 support that complies with the BEP-32 standard for IPv6 DHT operations.  Several other major DHT improvements have been made, including much faster searches, better node table management, better resistance to eclipse attacks on the network, and better resistance to IPv4 cache-flooding problems caused by interactions between symmetric NAT routers and other poorly-written clients.  Both IPv4 and IPv6 tables now have multiple bootstrap nodes available for smooth entry into the network after fresh installation or if all cached nodes are lost.

The HTTPS protocol is now supported on tracker and RSS feed connections.  This includes all common versions and ciphers of SSL/TLS.

Trackers within transfers have been optimized to consume much less CPU in aggregate, even if you have several thousand operating concurrently.

Additional user-configurable rules have been added to the Auto-Limit feature.  It is now possible to add rules that cause throttle changes when pings are completely lost, which helps avoid congestive-collapse on some types of internet connections.

Several important bug-fixes and performance improvements have been made to the way Tixati interacts with the network.  UDP Peer Connections should now perform even faster and offer improved reliability.  Outgoing TCP connections to SOCKS/HTTP proxies are also much more reliable now, and have been fully tested with TOR and SSH clients in both Windows and Linux.

Several other minor user-interface glitches and bugs have been fixed.

Enjoy the new version!

September 1, 2011
Tixati version 1.72 has been officially released. This version contains several important performance upgrades and many other fixes and improvements.

UDP Peer Connections

Tixati now supports UDP Peer Connections. Our implementation is fully compatible with other clients, but also contains many key improvements to provide vastly better congestion avoidance characteristics, better security, TCP friendliness, and much higher top speed. We have experienced very good results in both emulated and real-world network environments, under a wide array of loss, re-ordering, and delay conditions.

Several new options have been added to Settings > Network > Connections. These allow control over protocol preference and connection timing, including the ability to fully disable TCP or UDP peer connections.

A UPC monitor has been added to the diagnostic tools. This shows a list of all connections including detailed statistics, as well as charts of congestion window sizes, round-trip times, time stamp data, and loss rates.

A UPC log window has also been added to the diagnostic tools. This can optionally log several aspects of socket operation, including raw packets.

UDP Hole-Punching

Tixati now supports incoming and outgoing UDP hole-punching, compatible with all other clients supporting the common "ut_holepunch" extension. This alleviates the need to map an incoming port through broadband routers and firewalls that use network address translation (NAT).

New PEX Core

The PEX (Peer EXchange) engine has been completely rebuilt from scratch. This was needed for optimal operation of UDP Hole-Punching, and should perform much better than previous versions. A much higher connection success rate is now achieved due to these changes.

New Throttle Timing Core

The engine that controls the timing and spacing of both UDP and TCP packets has been re-engineered to raise the minimum packet size under heavy bandwidth restriction. This helps improve throughput by maximizing the average ratio of packet data to packet header.

CPU usage under heavy throttling should be a bit lower now as the throttle now works under a single-pass algorithm as opposed to the previous multi-pass system which would need to repeat many times per cycle.

New Base Sockets Event Notifiers

The Linux event mechanism for sockets is now EPOLL-based instead of the old Realtime-Signals system. This allows events to be processed with far fewer system calls and switches between threads.

Both the Windows and Linux event mechanisms are now mostly lock-free, which also eliminates many system calls.

Multi-Priority Task Engine

The way in which Tixati handles it's various background duties has now been organized into priority levels. This means that low-priority tasks (such as offline-checking file pieces) will not interfere with regular tasks (processing peer messages or saving pieces) or high-priority tasks (servicing UPC or the throttle). This should also improve interface responsiveness.

The task engine has also been made lock-free, eliminating thousands of system calls per task-cycle.

Minor Protocol-Compatibility Improvements

HTTP connections are more reliable and compatible than ever. We made several improvements that allow Tixati to operate reliably with servers that use uncommon keep-alive or compression schemes.

Peer connections now also support the "upload_only" extension within the inner "m" LT-EXT dictionary as opposed to the traditional field of the same name used in the outer root LT-EXT dictionary. This was observed on the open internet in a common client and added for the sake of better compatibility.

Miscellaneous Other Fixes/Improvements

Several other minor improvements and fixes have been made within the GUI. A new "Link" column has been added for peers. Auto-Shutdown can now optionally wait for both downloads and seeds to complete. Several other minor fixes have been made.

August 24, 2011

Alpha-testing of version 1.71 has begun.

This new version contains several performance improvements, including UDP Peer Connections.

Please visit http://alpha.tixati.com for more information.

May 8, 2011
Version 1.61 is now available for download at http://www.tixati.com/download
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Categories feature that allows transfers to be organized and manipulated as groups
  • Transfer description column and editor
  • Text Filter bar can now be used to filter transfers by name, description, file name, tracker URL, or peer IP
  • Improved PEX processing
  • DHT search algorithms upgraded for more thorough searching
  • Better fault-tolerance when reading config files from previous sessions
  • More toolbar display options in Settings > User Interface > Widgets
  • Several tree/list view internal optimizations for reduced CPU usage
  • Improvements to scheduler name synchronization with transfers, RSS feeds, and BW presets
  • Numerous minor UI fixes and optimizations
  • Updated IP-country data

March 31, 2011
Version 1.57 is now available for download at http://www.tixati.com/download
The following changes/additions were made:
  • New bandwidth view including multiple layouts
  • New bandwidth throttle and priority system, including ability to hard limit KB/s on any peer or transfer
  • Several choking algorithm improvements
  • Many core protocol improvements, including better PEX processing and filtering
  • More customization features in transfer-loading dialogs
  • Option to use trash or permanently delete local files
  • Support for sparse files in all operating systems (no waiting for file allocation)
  • Fault tolerance for transient file errors such as access locking violations and permission problems
  • RSS/IPFilter HTTP downloads support gzip content encoding
  • Better options for handling last-modified time mismatch problems
  • Better handling of edge/crust pieces inside partial downloads
  • Updated IP-country data
  • Optimized core win32 socket routines for much lower CPU usage under high-throughput conditions
  • Vastly better support for High-DPI / Large Font modes in Windows and Linux environments
  • Improvements to OS-themed button control painting to better match Windows 7 look and feel
  • New icons
  • Numerous other UI fixes and improvements

March 28, 2011
Version 1.56 has started beta testing.  Please visit beta.tixati.com to participate in the testing.

Jan 26, 2011
Version 1.52 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Files in all views are organized in their original folder structure, with ability to disable or adjust priority on entire folders. This option is on by default but can be toggled in the Layout menu under the Files sub-menu.
  • Icons are next to files in all views. The icons correspond to the different file types, as you would see exploring files in the regular shell. This option is on by default but can be toggled in the Layout menu under the Files sub-menu.
  • Separate downloading and seeding default bandwidth presets can now be selected. This can be done from the Bandwidth Presets window accessible from the system-tray menu.  Whenever Tixati transitions to or from fully-seeding state the default for the new state will be activated.
  • A category bar that can filter the list of transfers by state (downloading/seeding/queued/off) has been added. This bar can be activated in the layout menu, and is off by default.
  • A popup window to activate/deactivate optional columns has been added to replace the old system of checkboxes in the layout submenu.
  • Additional double-click option "Open Location/Folder" is now included.  This will open the location folder when a single-file transfer has been clicked, and open the base folder of multi-file transfers.
  • The Open-Folder option in the main context menu is now also available for single-file transfers, in which case it opens the download location.
  • New Import/Export functions have been added.  These are accessible from the main settings window.  This function can save all transfers, RSS feeds, scheduler items, IP filters, and settings to a single data file that can later be imported on a new system.
  • In the Settings under the Transfers > Metadata section an option has been added to delete .torrent files upon loading from a specified directory.
  • The ability to batch-save .torrent files from a multiple selection of transfers has been added. If multiple transfers are selected, Tixati will prompt for a destination folder and save a .torrent file for each selected transfer under it's standard name, appending (1) to avoid conflicts with any existing .torrent files.
  • An option to allow more permissive file last-modified time checking has been added in the Settings under the Tranfers > Local Files section. This option is off by default (99.99% of users will never need it) but is necessary to work-around file-systems or file-servers that may delay updating the last-modified time after files have been closed.
  • Several other minor improvements and bugfixes have been made.

Jan 22, 2011
Version 1.51 is now beta testing for Windows and Linux.
If you would like to participate, please visit http://beta.tixati.com

Jan 7, 2011
Version 1.49 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Tracker Adjustment feature that allows custom add/remove of trackers when torrents load
  • Auto-Startup now has adjustable delay so that Tixati waits until system is fully settled after startup
  • File allocating / checking / moving interlocks and queuing for improved efficiency when multiple files are being moved
  • Several other minor file handling improvements
  • Transfer pre-load window now has tab to allow for tracker adjustment
  • Option to display full paths instead of folder names for location shortcuts
  • Finer control in UI>behavior options over what will cause pre-load and duplicate-load windows to appear
  • Several compatibility improvements to UPNP feature
  • Auto-Shutdown now compatible with Windows Vista/7 UAC
  • Fixed several compatibility problems with file / folder selection windows
  • Fixed problems with hanging URLs in RSS feeds
  • IP country data updated to 2011-01-04
  • New debug diagnostic views that can save reports, accessible by holding shift while clicking help button
  • Serveral other minor UI improvents and fixes

Dec 2, 2010
Version 1.46 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • The entire RSS feature has undergone a major revision
  • The scheduler has undergone a major revision
  • Peer-piece attachment algorithms have been greatly improved
  • Option to auto-save .torrent or magnet link when a new transfer starts
  • Auto-startup with computer
  • Auto-shutdown when downloads complete, with configurable delay
  • Bandwidth profiles
  • Configuration file loading/saving is much more robust, including backup files and warning prompts
  • Meta-info parsing is more tolerant of errors
  • Global peer ignore
  • Raised concurrent DHT search limits
  • Many improvements to core socket functions
  • System file access log with lag measurement
  • Diagnostic CPU usage category charts
  • New columns in transfer and peer views
  • Tooltip-enabled tree and list views
  • Several UI and output formatting improvements

Nov 21, 2010

Version 1.45 is now beta testing for Windows and Linux.
If you would like to participate, please visit http://www.tixati.com/beta/

Nov 5, 2010

Version 1.45 is now beta testing for Linux.
The Windows versions will be complete in a few weeks.
If you would like to participate, please visit http://www.tixati.com/beta/

Aug 13, 2010
Version 1.42 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • No allocating of files marked "do not download"
  • Pre-download prompt to allow user to change location settings or exclude files
  • New "Download" column with checkboxes in Files property tab to allow quick file selection
  • Improved file checking routines that can check single files individually within multi-file transfers
  • File allocating staggered for more efficient disk access
  • Disk file read caching for peers, with selectable cache optimization rules and logging options
  • Full BEP-21 "Extension for partial seeds" support in peer and tracker connections
  • Improved tracker editing
  • Trackers now default to all-tiers mode
  • Tracker HTTP compatibility improvements
  • Better DHT search prioritizing
  • New bandwidth profiles feature in tray menu
  • Ability to stop / restart all torrents from tray menu
  • Minimize button hide to tray option (Windows only)
  • Tray icon is now optional
  • Torrents with high file counts should work more smoothly
  • Improvements to RSS compatibility
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements to the user interface

Aug 6, 2010

Version 1.41 is now beta testing.
If you would like to participate, visit http://www.tixati.com/beta/

June 10, 2010
Version 1.37 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Automatic bandwidth throttling for DSL/Cable internet connections that measures latency and adjusts throttle for optimum performance
  • Vastly improved IPv6 support
  • Optional flag column for country of origin in peers view
  • Optional bytes in/out column for transfers view
  • Optional stop seeding ratio column for transfers view
  • Optional time seeding column for transfers view
  • Time-left in transfers view and details tab now shows seeding ratio goal ETA during seeding
  • Separate stop seeding ratio settings for locally created seeds and regular seeds
  • Indicator icon in transfers view and transfer details for created seeds
  • New seeding control options on transfer context menu
  • Option to simultaneously announce to all groups in multi-tracker torrents
  • Support for HTTP chunked encoding in tracker responses
  • Improved error decoding for tracker responses
  • Seed and peer counts from tracker response displayed in tracker status column
  • Optional recycling of queue slots between uploads and downloads
  • Settings window has been completely redesigned
  • Support for tray balloon download completion notifications in both Linux and Windows
  • Improved choking and activation algorithms for faster transfers
  • More flexible options for byte display units
  • Better options for controlling peer connection levels
  • Bandwidth throttles adjusted by KB/s instead of B/s
  • Several other minor improvements to the interface and core

March 28, 2010

Version 1.34 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Filter bar that limits view to only transfers with titles matching user-specified text
  • Manual force choke/unchoke option on peer context menus
  • Super-seeding option for more efficient initial seeding of new swarms
  • Tray icon tooltip now shows number of transfers uploading/downloading and bandwidth
  • Optional notification of completed transfers via blinking tray icon, beep, or tray balloon notification
  • Columns can be shown/hidden from layout menu in transfers view
  • New upload ratio column for transfers
  • New percent complete column for peers
  • Selectable peer connection levels allow the user to adjust how many peers are connected in each swarm
  • DHT search queue can be re-ordered via drag and drop
  • Several minor improvements to the user interface

February 27, 2010

Version 1.31 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Full featured scheduler that can start or stop transfers, RSS feeds, DHT, and adjust the bandwidth throttle on a daily or weekly cycle, or once on a specific date and time
  • Optional location column in peers view that displays the country of each peer
  • Optional client-version column in peers view that displays the BitTorrent client name and version of each peer
  • Option to show or hide text labels in the main toolbar
  • Option to show or hide icons in menus and on buttons
  • Numerous minor improvements to the user-interface

January 24, 2010

Version 1.29 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • IP Filter feature that accepts several blocklist formats and can auto-update from the web
  • Bandwidth charting for individual peers
  • Several minor improvements to the RSS reader
  • Full compatibility with Universal Naming Convention network file paths
  • A new portable edition is now available that allows Tixati to run from a flash-drive or other portable media

December 31, 2009
Version 1.26 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • A full-featured RSS reader with automated torrent loader
  • Downloaded files can be moved by right-clicking transfers
  • 'Move on complete' can be adjusted by right-clicking transfers
  • Magnet links can be copied and .torrent files can be saved by right-clicking transfers
  • Peer connection algorithms have been fine-tuned for better performance
  • Several minor refinements to the user interface

November 13, 2009
Version 1.21 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Improved peer selection algorithms for even faster downloads
  • Full Unicode support
  • TCP/UDP socket layer completely re-coded for efficiency and lower CPU usage
  • Fully compatible with Windows 7
  • Four new options for byte display formatting in views
  • Option to limit concurrent outgoing connection attempts
  • Option to bind all incoming and outgoing sockets to specific local IP
  • Support for loading .torrent files with non-standard character encodings
  • Several minor refinements to user interface

August 27, 2009
Version 1.14 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • UDP tracker support
  • Tray icon with option to run in background
  • Main window can optionally hide behind tray icon when close button clicked
  • Win32 menu widgets have been re-coded from scratch to avoid problems with stock win32 modeless menus
  • Win32 file selection widget now works correctly when OS shell is set to hide known file extensions
  • Win32 folder selection widget hover-underline and hand-cursor
  • Win32 and Linux folder selection widget double-click debouncing
  • Escape key no longer closes transfer and peer properties windows (use alt-F4)
  • Transfer view layout menu now properly reflects sub-item ordering
  • Corrected problems with tree view widget sub-item sorting
  • Win32 tracker-blocking option should now work correctly
  • Problem with shell-opening .torrent files in Vista corrected
  • Pressing + or - in tree views will expand/collapse selected lines
  • Key navigation in transfers view will now correctly update selection in bottom property tabs

July 11, 2009
Version 1.13 is now available for download.
An initial configuration dialog was added to make setup easier, and there were minor changes to the win32 installer/uninstaller.

July 2, 2009
Version 1.12 beta-2 now available.
This version fixes a few minor display bugs and a few bugs with the win32 installer/uninstaller.

June 27, 2009
Version 1.12 beta-1 now available.