Tixati News

Tixati version 3.25 is now available. There have been many important fixes and improvements:
  • added optional Tracker Status column in main transfers view
  • forced tracker announce now correctly posts a refresh event instead of always a start event
  • fixed minor timing issues after tracker announce manually cancelled
  • stopped new temporary contacts posting an online notification if created by incoming message
  • contacts button in main window blinks if incoming message is waiting and contacts view is closed
  • fixed crash in diagnostic file operations log when closed and re-opened within certain interval
  • fixed translation problems with labels at top of home view and top of floating channel window
  • fixed minor problems with ctrl-left and ctrl-right word skipping in all edit boxes and text controls
  • numerous rendering fixes in rich text controls
  • several other minor tweaks to the GUI
  • updated IP location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 3.24 is now available. This updates the version 3.23 release from earlier today to fix a crash upon startup if the Startup On Transfers option is disabled in Settings > UI > Behavior.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 3.23 is now available. Several important fixes and improvements have been made:
  • fixed problems with 256 MB piece size torrents
  • better support for high precision scrolling devices in Windows 10/11
  • saving .torrent files for multiple transfer / category selection now works correctly
  • fixed several problems with menus in Linux builds
  • new system log window in Help > Diagnostics
  • new incoming connections window in Help > Diagnostics
  • contact list can be docked / undocked by right-click on Contacts button in main bar
  • new byte counters window accessible from Bandwidth view under Advanced options
  • Share view has been consolidated into Home view
  • removed top button from contact list
  • new ignore list window accessible from Home view
  • improved user key-change dialog that now shows both public and private key
  • channel creation dialog now shows both public and private key
  • new key finder that can create public keys that start with user-specified string
  • file/folder selection dialogs start browsing from previous location
  • fixed problems with download/piece path error popup dialogs
  • fixed minor problems re-activating channel stream properties window and stream playlist window
  • minor improvements to split-pane resizing algorithms
  • fixed problems with rich text view scroll-to-selection function
  • fixed problems with rich text view page up/down cursor placement and selection
  • minor fixes to mouse-pointer icon selection when hovering rich text views
  • in system log, fixed inaccurate logging of transfer load operation during program startup
  • no longer shows merge prompt when moving single-file transfer location to existing folder
  • fixed problems renaming single-file transfers in the preload window
  • fixed problems with watched folder .torrent file loading
  • in Windows build folder selection windows, no longer auto-expand drives within My Computer / This-PC
  • new scrolling configuration window available from Settings > UI > Behavior
  • new vertical and horizontal mouse wheel speed controls in scrolling configuration window
  • support macro double-clicks in Windows builds that run mouse customization software
  • several other minor fixes and adjustments throughout the program
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Tixati version 3.22 is now available. This is minor update to the release from a few days ago:
  • fixed problem with custom font loading on startup
  • fixed peer ID edit box in torrent options tab
  • added options in Settings > Behavior to remove icons from menus / buttons
  • fixed tray icon problems on some Linux systems
  • fixed window background alignment problems on Linux systems with Wayland
  • fixed menu popup positioning problems on Linux systems with Wayland
  • added option in Settings > Behavior to disable smooth scrolling
  • fixed inoperative buttons in torrent file merge prompts
  • several other minor fixes in the GUI
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 3.21 is now available. This is a major update with several improvements:
  • completely re-wrote GUI framework
  • all control surface colors can now be configured in Settings > Custom Colors
  • new Dark Everything theme available in Settings > Color Scheme
  • major updates to tree/list controls
  • new rich-text view/editor controls
  • new scrollable menu controls for Windows builds
  • new notebook-tab controls
  • transparent scrollbars everywhere
  • options in Settings > Behavior to control scrollbar width and transparency
  • animated smooth scrolling for all menus, lists, trees, and tab views
  • several upgrades for system-tray icon notification and menu behavior
  • new fully asynchronous file/folder pickers for Windows builds
  • many upgrades to color picker in Settings > Custom Colors
  • several major speed optimizations to configuration loading on program startup
  • improved window default sizing and positioning routines
  • new contact private message system with inline history and background sending
  • new channel info/share add image window with better resolution options
  • fixed problems with mirror directives in channel info/share
  • fixed minor problems with forum moderation control directives in channel info
  • fixed user ignore/unignore function in search result right-click menu
  • support for torrent piece size up to 256 MB
  • added padding option to piece-size menu for v1-only torrents in seed creation window
  • local file name sanitizers now compensate for optional incomplete file name prefix length
  • fixed crash on shutdown affecting some Linux/GTK systems
  • fixed problems gathering correct file information of symlinked files on Windows systems
  • updated IP location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 3.19 is now available. There have been some important fixes:
  • fixed cumulative overflow problems in piece creation limiter
  • added workaround for popup menu positioning problems on GTK3-Wayland desktops
  • now correctly applying language translations in new tree/list view controls
  • fixed problems with optional column selection in split DL/UL transfers view
  • no completion notifications for files/folders with priority set to off
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 3.18 is now available. This is a major update with several important improvements:
  • Linux version GUI fully updated to GTK3
  • completely new tree/list view for all Windows and Linux builds, no longer depending on OS common controls
  • refined initial scanning procedures to better handle seed files with a different length than expected
  • fixed waiting problems with local file scanning on program startup
  • added workaround to load malformed v1+2 torrents that have zero-length files misplaced around padding files
  • new customizable Piece Creation Limiter in Settings > Transfers > Files to help avoid excess RAM buffering with slow hard drives
  • new charts showing total pieces in memory and pending save in Help > Diagnostics > Pieces Monitor
  • fixed problem loading v2 .torrent files that have nested subdirectories named "info"
  • fixed web seed queuing problems that would cause excessive waiting after HTTP redirect
  • new file ordered priority options to keep existing order while inserting / appending additional files
  • fixed problems with Trackers column in main transfers view, will now match presets even with non-standard line spacing
  • increased limit on number of trackers that can be set in a torrent, from 128 to 300
  • fixed problems with default font fallback on rich text views
  • fixed rich text view selection rendering problems when backscroll is trimmed for logs and chat rooms
  • fixed rich text view problems when new lines are added during drag-select operation
  • flags in tree/list views now display at correct height-based sizing instead of width-based
  • fixed problems updating toolbar styles after change in Settings > UI > Widget Styles
  • excessively long tooltips are now properly truncated and ellipsized to avoid flickering problems
  • several other minor visual fixes in the GUI
  • updated IP location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 3.17 is now available. This release contains several important updates:
  • added workarounds for torrents that contain inconsistent padding structures
  • reduced RAM usage when there is a backlog of local download pieces waiting to save due to a slow storage device
  • download piece creation is now limited if over 18 pieces in same torrent are pending save to disk
  • download piece creation is limited if over 100 pieces total in all torrents are pending save to disk
  • fixed problems with right-click tray menu positioning on Windows builds
  • when using OS Defaults color scheme, rich-text views now show expected background
  • pasting multiline text into chat on Linux/GTK builds is now formatted correctly
  • fixed character spacing problems when rendering bold text in tree/list views on Windows builds
  • fixed problems copying text from a chat room, usernames are now encoded correctly and displayed without hash string
  • the HTTPS layer that powers the WebUI has had several minor fixes to prevent premature connection abort when transfering larger files
  • added gzip/deflate/brotli response compression to WebUI connections
  • shortcut Ctrl-V now works in more places in the program to paste magnets links, and will now automatically flip to transfers view
  • better handling of low-memory conditions and out-of-memory process abort
  • updated IP location tables
  • other minor visual fixes in the GUI
A major update to the framework is in progress. This will include a new tree/list view control to replace the less-reliable common controls used in Windows builds. On Linux builds, a transition from GTK2 to GTK3 is underway and testing will begin soon.

Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 3.16 is now available. This is a major update with several important improvements and fixes:
  • several improvements to download/upload slot auto-manage feature
  • hash-links that are unresolved for over 90 seconds will re-queue if there are resolved queued downloads
  • dead hash links skipped when starting new downloads from the queue
  • better session restart procedures to keep track of downloads that have manually skipped queue
  • new full-featured WYSIWYG editor for channel info and shared text
  • peer start/stop algorithms modified in v1+2 hybrid torrents to better handle single-protocol clients
  • completely re-engineered main message loop and thread manager for Windows builds
  • better task prioritization balance between GUI events and internal processing for Windows builds
  • added a new back-buffering render layer to treeview/listview/graph controls in Windows
  • CPU usage during window drag-over, resize, and re-render events is greatly reduced
  • several fixes and improvements to rich-text view controls that power log/chat/browse/info views
  • tree/list view automatic scroll to selection on start/stop option in Settings > UI > Behavior
  • fixed crash in the transfer preload window when using the find option and cycling through multiple transfers
  • the Remote Seed Limit option will only consider partial seeds that have at least as many pieces as local
  • fixed minor problems with the Source column in peers / transfers view
  • tree/list views in Windows build now support bold/underline text when viewing channel list
  • Linux builds now use xdg-mime by default instead of gconftool-2 to setup file/protocol associations
  • fixed ordering problem in program shutdown sequencing that can cause crash on close
  • corrupt config files now automatically trigger loading from .lastloadok.dat when available
  • fixed minor file naming problems when using Scheduler automatic config file backup/export task
  • many other minor fixes in the GUI
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 3.14 is now available. There have been several important fixes and updates:
  • fixed problems with local file location move on complete not starting after optional redundant hash-checking
  • several work-arounds to v1+v2 dual-protocol connection logic to prevent cycling in some remote clients
  • no peer v1/v2 cross-connect if current connection has DL/UL traffic or interest, and is non-Tixati or v2
  • fixed minor problems with Windows rich-text view wrapping, scrollbar updating, and visibility logic
  • several RSS compatibility updates, also better handling of HTTP code 308 redirects
  • minor fix to IPv6 raw-IP host name handling for trackers, RSS, and WebUI binding
  • eliminated empty channels list popup reminder window
  • crash reporter upgrades, including better exception details and stack unwinder for Windows builds
  • minor tweaks to some GUI components
  • major updates to HTTP server that powers WebUI, including updated SSL/TLS libraries
  • updated IP-location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 3.12 is now available. There have been many fixes and improvements throughout the program:
  • support tixati_local_instance_check.txt in app folder, which allows multiple stand-alone instances to run from separate app folders
  • support tixati_standalone_mode.txt in app folder, which is the same as portable mode except without restricting system folder locations to the same device
  • fixed potential crash when loading corrupt piece data storage file from previous session
  • fixed problems with status area at top of floating channel windows
  • fixed edit box select-on-focus problems in chat room view
  • non-custom colored single and multi-line text views in dialogs now have correct system colors even on dark OS themes
  • file and folder selection controls on Windows builds now have proper font-scaled minimum size request
  • fixed rare crash in menu sizing routines on Windows builds
  • paned split views now accurately save/restore divider position when hosting tabbed view with different minimum heights on each tab
  • proper font-scaled minimum sizing for rich-text view and plain-text views on Windows and Linux builds
  • fixed GTK rich-text view selection mouse capture and text highlighting problems
  • single and multi-line edit boxes now properly enforce maximum bytes input with multi-byte UTF8 sequences, preventing text-clipping later
  • tree and list view minimum size request in Windows is now font-proportional
  • in GTK builds, all secondary floating windows and dialogs are now destroyed instantly when program is closed, before .dat files save
  • fixed other minor problems with program closedown in GTK main loop exit procedure which were causing crashes
  • Auto-Shutdown now correctly executes a system shutdown on both Linux and Windows builds
  • some refinements to tree and list view background painting, now showing proper alternating-row background in all places
  • fixed minor problems when dropping many files onto the main transfers view or categories panel at once
  • paned view divider position is now saved separately for main window chat view and floating channel window chat view
  • fixed rare crash when sorting transfers view by time left or by BPS In/Out
  • IPv6 addresses with a trailing double-colon :: are now correctly parsed in all areas of the program, no more unnecessary host resolve
  • fixed problems when manually adding peers from transfer options tab in peers section
  • when merging duplicate transfers, web-seed and peer addresses are now properly forwarded from the duplicate transfer to the original
  • adding a transfer by raw torrent hash-ID now works correctly from Add Transfer dialog, WebUI, and ctrl-V in transfers view
  • fixed crash saving core2.dat config file when there are transfers in a rare error state and missing key components
  • magnet-link copy templates now correctly handle [hash2] tag on transfers that only have a v1 hash-ID
  • new wildcard: match prefix for Individual Tracker Options in Settings > Transfers > Trackers
  • transfer preload window default enter-key action now works correctly
  • fixed problem with DHT Peer DB view shortcut ctrl-shift ZQZ which creates transfer from selected hash entry
  • fixed problems with channel Secure Local Resource Discovery, which allow peers to find each other on the local LAN
  • minor refinements to the channel list display, some column alignments changed
  • numerous other minor GUI tweaks and fixes throughout the program
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 3.11 has finally been released.  There have been many changes throughout the program.

New BitTorrent v2 Support

A full BEP-52 implementation has been added to the program.  The primary benefit of this is the use of the block-level SHA-2 hash function instead of SHA-1 at the piece level.  However, there are also many other changes from the v1 protocol that required a major review and re-write of the torrent/peers/trackers/pieces core logic.  Combined version 1+2 torrents are also fully supported.


All tracker function has been completely replaced with a newly-written implementation.  Dual-protocol and dual-interface announcement is now fully supported for each individual tracker.

A tracker presets feature has been added, which can be accessed from Settings > Transfers > Trackers.  These presets can be set by simply right-clicking any transfer in the main window and using the Trackers sub-menu.  They are also accessible from the standard tracker-edit dialog, the transfer preload window, and the new seed creation dialog.

A default preset for newly-loaded transfers can also be selected in the settings window.  This will be set into non-private transfers, upon loading, before applying the Individual Tracker Options.

Peer Connections

The peer connection logic has been largely re-written with major improvements in several areas. This was needed to accommodate the new v2 protocol messaging requirements, in particular the piece selection algorithms and file hash field synchronizing with other peers.  The new implementation takes full advantage of the fact that when a transfer is only downloading a subset of files, the new v2 protocol allows clients to only download hash data for files that are needed.  If managed correctly, this saves bandwidth, time, and memory, especially for extremely large torrents when only a few files are needed.

It was also necessary in hybrid swarms to allow dual connections so peers can communicate over v1 and v2 simultaneously.  This is sometimes required for situations where there are many v1-only clients in a swarm and v2 hash-info is not fully available, which, when following the specification as-written, prevents pieces from being available over the v2 connection.

The peer connection selection and management algorithms have been completely replaced with much more modern versions that can efficiently handle multiple ports connected from the same IP, perform regular peer-ID duplicate detection, and prioritize connections based on their protocol and piece availability.  Unusual situations such as losing pieces, or going from complete state to incomplete state, are now handled with great precision.  The process for gathering meta-info from peers has also been greatly improved and is much faster when dealing with extremely large torrents.

Web Seeding

Support for web seeds has been completely overhauled.  Peak speeds are much higher and far less CPU usage is needed to maintain a continuous flow of data.

For better control over web seed connections, a brand-new Web Seed Request Limiter has also been created.  This is available from Settings > Transfers > Peers.  Simultaneous connections can be globally limited based on host name, and other rate-limiting/throttling parameters can also be set.  Rules can be customized for different hosts.


To provide peers to dual-protocol torrents, it was necessary to modify the DHT engine to schedule separate search/announce procedures for each protocol ID-hash that a particular torrent requires.  A major review and update of the DHT code was done to support this and also to add several other DHT protocol updates.  These updates were made in order to support upcoming Tixati features like mutable torrent support.

New Seed Creator

The seed creator (third tab in the Add window) has been completely replaced.  The new dialog allows flexible creation using files from different parts of the local file system, and will also let the user change the virtual-name of files and folders.  This enables you to fully customize the file structure in the torrent meta-info without needing that same structure replicated on the local file system.

There are also numerous new options to select tracker presets, protocol and padding options, piece sizes, comments, and other technical parameters.  A full host of default options can be changed from the settings menu, including full control over the default piece size selection algorithm.

You can also now drag-drop files and folders from the operating system directly into the transfers view to create new seeds.  When the Categories feature is enabled, you can drag-drop directly onto a category, or into the main view when a category is selected, and the new seed will be created in that category.

File and Piece Handling

All file handling logic has been revised.  The file-checker has an improved combined SHA-1 and SHA-2 multi-threaded piece reading and hashing pipeline, which will thoroughly cross-check all incoming and existing data in hybrid v1+2 torrents.  Checking speed has also improved on multi-CPU systems.

For v2 torrents, all incoming 16K blocks are checked immediately upon download instead of waiting for full pieces, so malicious peers are eliminated from the swarm much quicker.

New Tracker Options for Categories

In the category properties and add windows, there is a new Trackers tab.  This contains an option to set a tracker preset on any transfer entering the category.  These options are also reflected on the category right-click menu.

There were also several minor fixes to the category system.  The right-click options for a category separator now correctly control all categories following.  The Share sub-menu on categories has been fixed to show the checkbox states for channel mirroring correctly.

Several Channel GUI Fixes

The recently re-written color text controls that power the chat rooms and user browse window have undergone a few more changes to perfect the way scrolling and back-buffering work.  There were also other optimizations and adjustments to the background word-wrap updating routines and timing to further minimize CPU usage after a window full of text is resized.

In addition, we fixed some minor problems with the channel restrictions window updating after rule changes, and also some word-wrap anomalies when switching between chat rooms.

New Columns

Transfers have two new optional columns, available from the Layout button menu in the main transfers view.  The Protocol column will show v1, v1+2, or v2.  The Trackers column will show the name of the current preset.  If there is no matching preset, either a hash identifier of the set (to be able to identify matching transfers) or in the case of only having one tracker, the tracker URL itself.  The tooltip in this column will always show the full set of tracker URLs.

Peers also have a new optional Protocol column.  This shows either v1 or v2 for regular peers, or HTTP or HTTPS for web seed peers.

Many Other GUI Improvements

A new find-bar has been created for the Files tab in the main transfers view, and also the preload window.  Press CTRL-F when the view is in focus to make the find-bar appear at the top.  You can also use the F3/shift-F3 keys to step through matches.

When new transfers are loaded, they are now selected and scrolled into view, including changing selected category if need be.  This works for any manually-created transfers, including pasting in magnet links via CTRL-V, drag-dropping .torrent or .magnet files, or creating new seeds.

There have been dozens of other minor tweaks and improvements to the GUI, and several optimizations to reduce interface CPU usage on both GTK and Windows builds.

Several Other Core Fixes

During the course of development of this version, there have been countless other minor fixes and refinements made as problems were discovered.  Many opportunities for optimization were explored, and much testing was done.  We also analyzed all outstanding automated crash reports and applied several minor fixes.  This is the smoothest running Tixati that we have ever produced.

More To Come

We are working on several other major improvements to the transfers and channels systems, including file merging, channel feeds, and more protocols.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.89 is now available. This is a major update with several important changes:
  • several memory optimizations in Transfers and Channels to reduce per-peer RAM consumption
  • custom download and move-on-complete path selection no longer overwriting on new single-file transfers after meta-data resolved
  • bandwidth statistics for Categories now persist between program restarts
  • bandwidth chart Clear option now rolls back to last 5 seconds instead of last 60
  • fixed rare crash in Windows build when closing a settings window too soon after a spinbox change
  • fixed text entry box maximum length inconsistencies when using extended Unicode characters
  • better Channel and Transfer peer removal algorithm, allows for more chances at hole-punch if total peer count is low
  • fixed problems in Channel and Transfer peer DHT search result processing that would too aggressively throttle peer creation
  • in main Channels list, several new optional columns
  • icon for indication of current streaming status in Channels list
  • new Users tab for Channels, with several sortable columns and some new buttons
  • new fully-featured Admin Commands window, opened by pressing the Commands button in the Users tab
  • at top of Channel Connections tab, several new buttons
  • options in Connections tab to force DHT search, stop DHT search, or manually add peers
  • chat window now saves all text between program sessions
  • timestamps and join/leave notifications can now be toggled within the backbuffer
  • backbuffer user message name tag is a different color if the user is currently offline
  • chat text entry box changes color if the channel is offline or temporarily disconnected
  • moved several streaming log messages to Event Log tab
  • revised timing of topic change and MOTD messages
  • show user public key in all tooltips
  • new field sttl for Channel info control directive, which controls user cache lifetime
  • better management of Channel user connection cert issuance within the Admin Commands window
  • less CPU usage maintaining aggregate Channel shared link/line counts
  • account for 6to4 when setting narrow/wide network bans for IPv6
  • user level changes take effect much more quickly
  • fast user share data re-caching after level changes from Basic or lower to Normal or higher
  • fixed crash in Forum tab when messages become de-synced from current user list
  • eliminated time reminder and user name prompt first time Channels are run
  • fully revised Contacts view
  • new Ignore system, accessible from the contacts top button menu
  • ignored Channel users and Transfer peer IPs managed in same view
  • user Browse window has been completely re-done
  • nearly instant user Browse, even if they are sharing the maximum limit
  • new Browse find-bar, and keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-F and F3 / Shift-F3
  • completely new and much faster multi-line color text control that provides chat message views and user browse view
  • fixed problem with tree view column sort indicators not initially showing in GTK build
  • eliminated throttle reminder popup on first startup
  • fixed problems with treeview single-column mode not using full width of available space until resized
  • minor adjustment to editbox height in filter bars and search view
  • fixed problem in Windows build with control focus becoming de-synced when a child modal window is destroyed
  • fixed problem in GTK build with control lose-focus notification being lost during modal window destruction, preventing final save
  • minor updates to Dark and Light color themes
  • several other minor tweaks and adjustments throughout the GUI
  • updated IP-location tables
More updates are on the way.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.88 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • additional Transfer checks to detect inconsistent file structure after downloading metadata
  • fixed crash when Transfer metadata is reloaded from config file with incorrect file sizes or misaligned piece layout
  • new optional Transfer columns to show known peer and seed counts
  • complete re-write of Channel user shared data and Channel Information message caching
  • much lower Channel memory usage for large shared data sets
  • smaller channels.dat config file, faster loading on program startup
  • re-wrote all routines for synchronization of Channel Information and user shared data
  • faster updating of Channel Information tab between v2.88 or newer clients
  • much faster and more reliable updating of Channel user shared data
  • slightly lower bandwidth usage for Channel connections
  • fixed minor display problems when browsing incomplete Channel user shared data, especially with incomplete images
  • all Channels now default to 10-year shared data time to live
  • when switching Channels in list view, now correctly preserves and restores text from outgoing chat message edit box in lower tab
  • fixed link parsing in Channel output text so that leading or trailing special chars won't be included
  • fixed minor sorting problems in Channel forum tab
  • major re-write of some Windows and GTK control classes to fix problems with handle destroy sequencing in complex layouts
  • fixed crash when program is closed while an open Settings window has unflushed proxy settings
  • better maintenance routines for rate limiters for incoming connections and torrent hole-punching, should use less RAM
  • when program is closing in GTK build, the message pump is now forcibly cleared, so that any open property windows disappear without delay
  • upon quitting program, app-lock is now released immediately before config save, so the wait dialog will reliably appear on quick re-launch
  • several improvements to CPU and memory state diagnostic profiling, far more accurate readings in the Channels and Netbase categories
  • updated IP location tables
More to come soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.87 is now available. Several improvements have been made:
  • in the Transfers view Layout > Select Columns dialog, added new tab for optional Files view columns
  • added optional Location column to Transfers view and Files view
  • added optional Move On Complete column to Transfers view and Files view
  • in Peers view, renamed Location column to Country
  • show full paths for tooltip for Location and Move On Complete columns
  • new built-in crash reporter for Windows builds, separate errorreporter.exe no longer needed
  • fixed problems with UPNP client due to improper ordering of some XML fields in requests
  • added an fsync call before checking file last-modified time changes on some filesystems
  • eliminated redundant fsync calls in some of the transfer file-moving routines
  • much better formatting of dsc/fopnu/darkmx links and tooltips in chat rooms, forums, and private messages
  • full colortext support in Channel topics, chat rooms, forums, private messages
  • better editing controls for Channel Information
  • better handling of editing incomplete Channel Information submitted by another manager/owner
  • when adding links/images to top of Channel Info or Channel Share, insertion point is now always below header directives
  • fixed minor Channel topic signing problems that could prevent auto-generation of signatures under certain conditions
  • much better display of incomplete Channel Info / Share data when images are not complete, now collapses all base64 data lines
  • fixed numerous Channel Information synchronization problems when there are multiple owners present
  • fixed problems with lost unsaved changes when editing Channel Info / Share in lower tabs and switching channels
  • force top-scroll and select in Channels list view when a new channel is added
  • minor network error-handling and fallback improvements for older Windows XP systems that do not support IPv6
  • raised default simultaneous outgoing TCP connection limit on Windows 7 or newer systems
  • fixed problems on Windows version with event log and chat room text disappearing after color settings changed
  • fixed RSS sorting problems in the Last Update column
  • in Linux version corrected minor problems with file association .desktop file and auto-startup .desktop file
  • better configuration path options for Linux builds
  • several other minor fixes and adjustments in the GUI
We are working on many more improvements to the Channels system. There will be another release soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.86 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • fixed several rendering problems with bandwidth/memory/CPU graphs when displaying large quantities
  • fixed problems with mouse-wheel scrolling on Windows 7 and older
  • fixed message-loop recursion problem in Windows 7 that could eventually lead to a crash
  • minor fixes and optimizations to the internal HTTP client used for trackers, RSS, IP Filter updater
  • updated TLS libraries used for general HTTPS outgoing connections and WebUI HTTPS server
  • major overhaul of WebUI
  • added Categories to WebUI, including ability to add, remove, filter, move transfers, and more
  • transfer names in WebUI now show indicators for private, partial, or created
  • peer lists in WebUI show additional information such as flag, location
  • much better list layout in WebUI, with more compact output and tooltips for extra-long names
  • new WebUI HTML template file auto-inline CSS support to avoid flicker when loading
  • auto-generated TLS certs used for WebUI HTTPS server now use SHA256
  • numerous other minor WebUI fixes and improvements
  • fixed bug in GTK file selection dialogs that would prevent last location from being remembered
  • minor fixes in the GUI Add Category window
  • updated built-in IP location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.85 is now available. This is a major update with many improvements:
  • added support for images in Channel Info and Share views
  • new [img] tag can be used to add any PNG/JPEG file in base-64 encoding
  • drag-drop images onto Channel Info and Share views to add
  • added option to Add button in Channel Info and Share views to add an image by browsing
  • new Add Image preview window that allows adjustments to size and compression
  • Channel Info / Share automatic content-dependent chunker updated to reduce image splits when syncing
  • outgoing Channel stream playlist now shows full date for next play time if not today
  • fixed rare crash during outgoing Channel stream schedule re-sync on Channel startup
  • better processing for DarkMX links in Chat/Info/Share
  • raised limit for opening .torrent files to 200 MB
  • maximum files within single transfer limit raised to 2 million
  • fixed minor problems with peer metadata sync with very large transfers
  • maximum new transfer creation file count raised to 2 million
  • optimized initial .torrent file parsing to better handle very large transfers
  • several optimizations to initial file name de-duplicating routines, much faster with large transfers
  • optimized incoming file data routing for better performance in transfers with extremely high file count
  • updated WebUI built-in HTML templates
  • enter key on WebUI find bar now refreshes properly
  • checkbox state in WebUI transfers / files views now persists after command buttons pressed
  • mouse-wheel scrolling to control zoom level on bandwidth charts
  • on Windows 7/XP/Vista, mouse-wheel will scroll the hovered control instead of focused
  • fixed several problems with UTF-16 surrogate pair rendering on Windows builds
  • word-breaking algorithm fixed to better deal with single and double quotes
  • faster SHA hasher to speed up Channel operations and file checking
  • more accurate free disk space readings on preload window location tooltips on Linux builds
  • fixed minor treeview background painting glitches on Windows
  • fixed rare crash in Windows GUI that happens when resizing then quickly closing a popup during heavy CPU usage
  • many control positioning and spacing adjustments in the main Window / Transfer Properties
More to come soon. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.84 is now available. There are a few new features and several important fixes:
  • new option to auto-stop downloads on low disk space in Settings > Transfers > Files
  • adjustable low disk space threshold
  • updated file allocation routines, better behavior on non-sparse file systems
  • minor optimizations to piece-cache file read/write timing
  • fixed rare file handle leak in Linux build
  • new password-lock feature in Settings > User Interface > Behavior
  • user interface can be locked when hidden in tray
  • main settings window can be password protected
  • option to force program to start locked and hidden in tray
  • fixed minor problems with DHT/Channel announce sequencing
  • on Windows build, fixed problem with receive-message window causing unexpected main window raise
  • fixed problem with DHT-off warning being shown at startup when DHT is actually still loading
  • fixed problem with inaccurate file system free space reading on location tooltips in preload window
  • when adding new contacts, current incoming message status is now correctly transferred from the channel
  • a few other minor GUI fixes and adjustments
  • updated IP location tables
We are working on more fixes and there will be another release soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.83 is now available. This release contains a few last-minute fixes to yesterday's 2.82 release, mostly concerning portable-mode startup routines.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.82 is now available. There have been some major improvements:
  • user interface can be translated into any language using simple .txt file format
  • added Switch Language option to main help menu
  • new language selection window
  • fixed problems decoding large GZ compressed IP filter files
  • fixed problems loading IP filter files with size under 11 bytes
  • several optimizations to startup config file loading, now over 30% faster on typical systems
  • floating Channel window top status indicator and control buttons now working correctly
  • increased Channel ban-list message maximum size at relay
  • improved Channel DHT search timing on initial startup when few peers are known
  • better peer selection routines in large transfers to prefer long-term stable peers
  • fixed problems with support for HTTP deflate encoding when downloading RSS/IPFilter/Tracker content
  • Channel ban-on-ignore function will now upon activation scan for currently ignored users and set bans
  • now using much faster elliptic curve implementation, resulting in less CPU usage for large Channels
  • several other minor improvements throughout the GUI
Another release is on the way soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.81 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • better channel connection management when streaming audio/video, more accurate peer reliability scoring
  • several optimizations to channel stream decoder/hasher to save CPU time
  • channel stream playback positioning algorithm improvements
  • improved channel Share data synchronization protocol, reduced redundant updates when reconnecting
  • fixed single-file transfer deleting problems
  • more improvements to HTTP client powering RSS connections and non-UDP trackers
  • new compiler optimizations for Linux builds, slightly lower CPU usage
  • updated IP location tables to latest delegations
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.79 is now available. Several important fixes have been made:
  • top toolbar icon/text style now being correctly applied
  • when a transfer is deleted from disk, the outer folder is now correctly removed even when empty
  • in Windows build text edit boxes, added keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Backspace to back over full words
  • in any tree view, the left-arrow key will move to the parent item if the current item is already collapsed
  • fixed problems with text selection in richtext views when multi-byte Unicode strings are divided
  • no more richtext control selection color updating problems when color settings are adjusted
  • fixed file selection dialog problems on Windows systems that are configured to hide file extensions
  • removed frequent block receive sequence warnings from peer log system to lower resource use
  • in GTK version, eliminated some redundant re-paint cycles in tree view and richtext controls to lower CPU use
  • fixed bottom-scroll problems in Chat views when resizing view or flipping between empty and scrollable channels
  • more graceful text edit control handling of invalid UTF-8 input
  • fixed problems with line splitting in multi-line text controls when displaying invalid UTF-8
  • window title captions are now better sanitized for undisplayable characters and invalid UTF-8
  • IPv6 address parsing function is now more tolerant of misplaced square brackets with port specifiers
  • minor fixes to the HTTP client that is used for trackers and RSS
  • updated IP location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.78 is now available. There have been many important improvements:
  • new Local Peers options in Settings > Transfers > Peers and also in Settings > Channels
  • new options in UI > Behavior > Notifications
  • option to show tray balloon on contact message
  • option to show full message or just a summary in tray balloon
  • individual contact right-click option to show tray balloon on incoming message
  • individual contact right-click option to flash tray icon on incoming message
  • eliminated online notification sound when adding an already-online contact
  • global channel message notification options to show tray balloon
  • individual per-channel message tray icon/balloon notification options
  • individual channel/contact/file notification option visibility enabled by default
  • several minor fixes to Channels classic view
  • fixed problem in transfer file move sequencing that could cause a stalled file operation
  • fixed problem with Move on Complete that could leave old files behind in rare circumstances
  • new Tooltips option dialog in Settings > UI > Behavior
  • option to hide main window status bar in Settings > UI > Widget Styles
  • option in Transfers layout menu to have only one fixed tab showing at bottom
  • fixed problems with settings persistence in Category properties
  • improved the RSS URL encoding cleaner to better deal with malformed URLs
  • fixed problem with HTTP proxy authentication
  • several minor initial program loading optimization
  • a larger range of window icon sizes is loaded for a better look in Alt-Tab views
  • in Windows builds, several important improvements to the main event loop, better thread priority control
  • fixed problem with multi-line tray balloon text formatting in Linux
  • fixed problem with initial shell association prompt default checkbox state
  • updated Windows uninstaller.exe to clean up .magnet file association
  • fixed minor problem in Windows installer with .magnet file association
  • eliminated minor icon display problems in Linux GTK build
  • no more redundant peer id changes in transfer event log
  • other minor sizing and proportioning adjustments throughout the GUI
  • updated IP location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.77 is now available. There have been several improvements:
  • new tracker options on popup menu when right-clicking one or more transfers
  • ability to mass-edit trackers for multiple selected transfers
  • ability to remove or replace trackers by exact/wildcard/regex matching in multiple selected transfers
  • can manually force trackers to announce in selected transfers
  • new hotkey Ctrl-Tab / Ctrl-Shift-Tab to switch between main window views
  • new options to support .magnet files
  • magnet file association options in Settings > Shell Integration
  • WebUI supports loading a .magnet file from an HTTP link
  • RSS fully supports loading .magnet files from feed entries
  • the file selector in the Add Transfer window allows loading from .magnet files
  • watched folder support for .magnet files, in Settings > Transfers > Meta-Info
  • watched folder support for .magnet files in Category Add and Category Properties windows
  • can open .magnet files via main window drag-drop
  • several fixes to file association startup checking and prompting
  • fixed minor problems with portable mode file association revert option
  • option to export a selective backup of current configuration to custom archive file path in Scheduler
  • can now start/stop individual channels from a Scheduler task
  • new Scheduler task action to inject one or more messages into specific channel(s), with adjustable intervals
  • new Scheduler task action to change channel topic
  • fixed minor problems with Category capture transfer location override
  • setting a default file/folder path while an outer transfer move is happening will now correctly set the new destination
  • initial transfer file Auto-Select will now correctly move single-file items into outer folder when using custom category paths
  • transfer file allocation will now properly wait for all conflicting move operations to complete before opening file for writing
  • fixed encoded key ordering problems when creating a .torrent file that has web seed URLs
  • minor fixes to Channel entry authorization system and user level management
  • new options window for Channel stream playback in Settings > Channels > Channel Stream Playback
  • can use custom media player path for Channel stream playback, including relative paths for portable mode
  • tray and main window icons in Windows build with improved support for dynamic sizing
  • fixed decimal number parsing problems that caused problems with ratio limit controls in Settings > Transfers > General
  • other minor GUI fixes and adjustments
  • updated IP location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.76 is now available. This is a major update with several important changes:
  • tracker timing improvements, colors for status column
  • added default tracker merge option to Settings > User Interface > Duplicate transfer prompt
  • major improvements to the channel ban / moderation system
  • added /banaddrmode off/on/wide/vwide to set the default address masking options when using /ban
  • added /banignored off/on to automatically ban users that you ignore
  • added /unbanunignored off/on to automatically unban users that you unignore
  • improved channel connection cert selection, eliminated connection problems when user re-joins after ban and unban
  • user ignore/unignore are propagated to all other channels where that user is present, and also the contact list
  • from search results, a user can be right-clicked and ignored
  • ignored users are indicated in red in search results
  • added /banid /widebanid /vwidebanid command to ban user by its ID, which can be copied by right-clicking
  • clicking a user name in the main chat view while holding the ctrl key will paste the user's name into the message entry box
  • clicking a user in the main chat view while holding the ctrl+shift keys will paste the user's ID into the message entry box
  • added Copy Name option to user right-click menu in chat view
  • user name change and level change notifications in chat view are toggled on/off using /notify command, along with join/leave
  • more aggressive channel DHT search intervals during first few minutes of operation, especially for owner/manager/op/mod
  • improvements to channel status messages
  • several new hotkeys added
  • ctrl-f in transfers view will show filter bar, depress the filter button, and set focus to the filter edit box
  • ESC on the filter bar edit box will clear all text
  • F2 to edit any selected tracker, file, or transfer
  • the delete key will delete any selected transfer, including its files, subject to confirmation if not using OS recycle bin
  • in trackers tab or main transfer view, the delete key will remove any selected tracker
  • ctrl-c in search view to copy links of selected results
  • ctrl-c in channels list view to copy links of selected channels
  • ctrl-v in channels list view to create a new channel from link on clipboard
  • enter key in many tree views is equivalent to a double-click on the current selection
  • updated double-click defaults in Settings > User Interface > Behavior > Double-click actions
  • active tab in transfer / peer / RSS property windows is now saved
  • rewrote Linux GTK tab-view sizing algorithm so that tabs can be shrunk to the minimum size for only the showing tab
  • added edit box colors and new tracker status colors to the custom colors selection in Settings > User Interface > Custom Colors
  • updated IP location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.75 is now available. This update has many new features and improvements:
  • new File Auto-Select preset system in Settings > Transfers > Files
  • clicking the Auto button in transfer pre-load window will show dropdown menu if there are multiple Auto-Select presets
  • each Category can have its own default Auto-Select preset, configurable from Category Properties window
  • new option for File Auto-Select to apply file filter to single-file transfer
  • transfer pre-load window Select All button will no longer expand all folders
  • added expall and expselall to pre-load window custom button codes
  • in pre-load window, added Next In Queue option to menu when right clicking the Start button
  • automatically undo the single file move out of folder action in pre-load window if user selects additional files
  • before applying File Auto-Select, file and folder locations and move-on-complete paths are reset to defaults
  • right-click menu for locally queued downloads has new option to move to front of queue
  • in RSS created transfer options, added Next In Queue option to prioritize created transfers yet still queue them
  • improvements to RSS feed parsing routines, better compatibility with even more feeds
  • fixed rare crash in custom color selector on certain Windows builds
  • fixed updating problem in custom color config view that happened when clicking Revert on some items
  • a few other minor GUI tweaks and adjustments
We are working on several more new features. Another release will be posted very soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.74 is now available. There have been many improvements:
  • added support for UDP peers, DHT, and UDP trackers over SOCKS 5 proxy that supports UDP associate command
  • revised and improved support for all other TCP over SOCKS 5 proxy
  • improved controls in Settings > Network > Proxy
  • post-shutdown tracker cleanup improved, more reliable final announce for UDP trackers
  • UDP trackers support per-transaction port binding over SOCKS 5 when using proxy-side name resolution
  • tracker error retry timing fixed so changes to network settings will reset extended retry intervals
  • fixed problems causing frequent cycling of peer connection attempts when DHT is offline
  • new option to do a redundant hash-check of completed transfers or files in Settings > Transfers > Files
  • several refinements to the post-completion sequencing of checking, move on complete, and file completion shell commands
  • better handling of missing-file situations when the 'Error on missing downloaded files' option is not enabled
  • fixed file activity stall when a file hash check is interrupted by a move operation
  • fixed display of localized dates and times on Windows systems that use Unicode for day and/or month names
  • improvements to bandwidth throttle prioritization algorithms for better accuracy under heavy connection churn
  • minor improvements to internal program closing procedures
  • UPNP/NATPMP mappings are now removed on program closing (although still using a TTL for safety incase remove fails)
  • fixed problems with some bytes per second readouts that would zero out after 20+ days of uptime
  • minor fixes to the GUI blocking mechanism that keeps modal dialogs from overriding each other
  • updated IP location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.73 is now available. This is an important release with many improvements:
  • in Settings > Transfers > General, new settings to auto-stop seeding after time limit, for regular, created, and constant seeds
  • category support for new auto-stop time options
  • modified GUI context menus on transfers / categories to support new auto-stop time options
  • fixed problem playing some files in-browser via the WebUI files view
  • fixed problems applying bandwidth presets via the WebUI bandwidth view
  • added WebUI support for new auto-stop time options
  • category auto-stop ratio and time settings now support non-default off setting
  • completely re-written peer connection rotation routines
  • peer connections that are running slowly are rotated out quicker if there's many more to be tried
  • peer connection speed evaluation for rotation is now based on a combination of short, medium, and long averages
  • peer connection count purge threshold is slightly lower than previous version relative to the configured maximum for the transfer
  • improved logging in peer properties, will now show more detailed rotate/disconnect messages, including speed and connection time
  • fixed problems when hashing is interrupted by the user when creating new seeds
  • fixed web seed URL calculation for multi-file transfers, should now work with archive.org
  • several minor RSS/Atom feed parser compatibility improvements
  • RSS feed created transfer options now fully support auto-stop ratio and time limits
  • category tooltip now shows seeding ratio/time limits
  • in transfer Details tab, replaced Elapsed Time with Download/Upload Time
  • transfer Time Left shows estimate during seeding if auto-stop ratio or time limit set
  • added optional (default-off) transfer view column to show seeding time limit
  • fixed minor sort-updating problems when sorting transfers by time-left column
  • in Settings > Transfers > Trackers > Individual Tracker Options, new Add Trackers directives include_private and exclude_private (default)
  • in Settings > Transfers > Trackers > Individual Tracker Options, new Add Trackers directives include_created (default) and exclude_created
  • category options in RSS layouts are now correctly hidden when the Categories feature is not activated
  • fixed problems when notification system plays .wav files on Linux systems without GStreamer
  • minor tuning to throttle priority algorithms, splitting should now be more accurate when there are many high-latency connections
  • fixed rare crash on program close that was due to destroy sequencing of main throttle object and lingering sockets
  • fixed rare crash when using enable_memory_profiling.txt on some Linux systems
  • updated build system for Linux releases to GCC 9.3, with better optimizations
  • IP location tables updated to latest delegations
We are working on many more new features and key improvements. Another release will be posted soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.72 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • several new sequential downloading options available from Settings > Transfers > Files > Sequential Options
  • adjustable sequential download tail length, both as a percentage of file length and absolute size in MB
  • setting for sequential download progress limit, so after the set percentage pieces are no longer downloaded in order
  • adjustable intensity of sequential download focus on desired pieces vs rarest pieces
  • optional sequential download settings presets
  • updated all file priority menus in Transfers, Files tab, and preload dialog to work with sequential presets
  • updated buttons in preload dialog to work with sequential presets
  • in file Auto-Select options, in Sequential tab, can now use [presetname] line to select desired preset for wildcard filename match
  • WebUI has been updated to use sequential presets
  • fixed problems with Auto-Select not working correctly with single-file torrents
  • copying text from channel / message views in Linux now has correct native linefeed format
  • fixed problems with Ctrl-V pasting of magnet links in Transfers view
  • added key combination Ctrl-C to copy magnet links of selected transfers
  • Select-All button in transfer preload window will now also expand all folders first
  • corrected El Salvador flag image
  • fixed minor display problems with bandwidth chart time labels
  • fixed bandwidth chart display problems in WebUI
  • updated IP location tables
We are working on more major updates and improvements. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.71 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • file Auto-Select system has been completely re-written
  • updated configuration window at Settings > Transfers > Files > Auto-Select
  • new option to sequentially download matching files
  • new option to ordered-download matching file groups
  • new option to set file priority level by matching filter
  • improved sequential download piece selection algorithms
  • channel user name change rate limiting is now more permissive at higher user levels
  • fixed problems with icon display on some Windows systems
  • updated IP location tables
More to come.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.69 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • fixed problem with icon display on some Windows 7 systems caused by bad Windows updates
  • transfer pre-load window now has customizable priority buttons (click the Settings button at bottom)
  • transfer pre-load window default buttons now include an Ordered button and a Sequential button
  • added option to set minimum seeds needed for sequential file download in Settings > Transfers > Files
  • added option in Auto-Select configuration to not move single files out of containing folder
  • combined options for sequential file download with head + tail download
  • several other minor changes throughout the GUI
Several more new features are on the way.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.68 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • separate proxy settings for trackers/peers/other in Settings > Network > Proxy
  • fixed problems with bandwidth throttle seeding/trading/channels priority balancing
  • adjusted bandwidth throttle ratios imposed by priority options in Settings > Channels
  • faster auto-throttle response speed after sharp latency increases
  • fixed problems with web-seed peers that were slowing transfer speeds
  • wildcard string processing used in client filters and file auto-select is now fully Unicode compliant
  • eliminated spurious channel forum activity notifications that would happen on incremental user profile updates
  • rate-limited channel user name change notifications
  • channel users that are at Silent level will not show user name change notifications
  • fixed channel connection user profile syncing problems when dealing with nearly-empty profiles
  • added a new smoothing factor to bandwidth chart rendering routines, so that low-quantity charts display as accurately as possible
  • other minor tweaks and adjustments in the GUI for both Linux / Windows platforms
  • recompiled IP location tables with 2020-02-28 delegations
We are actively working on several other fixes and improvements and expect to have another release ready soon.

Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.67 is now available. This release contains important fixes and improvements:
  • new client filtering feature available from Settings > Transfers > Peers
  • peers can be ignored by wildcard matching against client-ID and/or peer-ID
  • fixed startup crash and icon-rendering problems caused by a recent Windows 7 update
  • tooltip on peer Client column also shows peer-ID
  • fixed problems with chart history clear option
  • better display update synchronization in Bandwidth view
  • numerous RSS/Atom feed compatibility improvements
  • updated IP-Location tables
Another release with more fixes and improvements will be ready very soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.66 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • new find function when browsing users
  • fixed problems with automatic bandwidth limiter having too low a gate limit
  • auto-limiter now uses longer average to control gate limit reduction
  • fixed problem with download slot auto-management that was preventing automatic slot increases
  • improved RSS/Atom feed compatibility, now supports items with multiple enclosure links
  • program startup sequencing has been refined so ports, auto-limiter, SLRD, and LPD standby until loading fully complete
  • better synchronization of some bandwidth charts
More to come. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.65 is now available. There have been several improvements:
  • fixed problems when loading torrents that have odd piece sizes
  • bandwidth graphs can be zoomed out to show several weeks of history
  • time labels for bandwidth graphs
  • time lines for bandwidth graphs
  • time tooltips for bandwidth graphs
  • history persists between sessions for main bandwidth graphs, DHT, and auto-limit ping
  • right-clicking a bandwidth graph shows menus which can be used to fully customize appearance
  • added several new colors to Settings > User Interface > Custom Colors for time lines
  • updated default Dark / Light color schemes
  • averaging algorithms for graphs are now much more accurate, especially with level-based data
  • fixed zoom buttons in peer properties view
  • fixed WebUI graph rendering when using system default colors
  • updated WebUI graph rendering to support zoom out by prefixing zoom level with letter 'o' in image file name
  • fixed several minor display problems when using very high resolution displays with large fonts
  • new button in search allows multiple floating search windows
  • search windows now show results as they are discovered, no waiting for search to complete
  • updated crash reporter to help identify any sort-ordering issues that could cause problems
  • updated IP-Location tables to latest registry records
  • minor adjustments to control placement and layout in a few other areas of the program
We are working on several more improvements and another new release will be posted soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.64 is now available. There have been many improvements:
  • advanced file auto-select options, applied when a transfer is started, available from Settings > Transfers > Files
  • can auto-select using wildcard filters applied against file names
  • better options for auto-select based on file size
  • individual transfer and file completion notifications can be enabled in Settings > User Interface > Behavior > Notifications
  • transfer completion notifications can be set by the transfer right-click menu > Local Files > Notify On Complete
  • file or folder completion notification can be set by the file/folder right-click menu > Notify On Complete
  • RSS feeds can have a completion notification for all created transfers, set by using the feed right-click menu
  • categories can have a default completion notification for their transfers, set by using the category right-click menu
  • show category non-default bandwidth settings in tooltip
  • updated piece size checking upon meta-info loading, allow 16K - 64M
  • allow local creation of transfers with piece size up to 64M
  • updated IP location tables
  • a few other minor fixes in the GUI
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.63 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • new Settings section Transfers > Peers
  • more advanced handling of bad data from download peers
  • peers that send bad blocks have bandwidth priority lowered automatically before full auto-ignore
  • adjustable bad data auto-ignore threshold in Settings > Transfers > Peers
  • adjustable bad data auto-deprioritize threshold in Settings > Transfers > Peers
  • more efficient piece repair procedures, less hashing rounds needed when there are several source peers
  • seed ratio/count stop is no longer delayed by a pending or running location move or file completion shell commands
  • completely re-wrote channel user shared data syncing algorithm, fixed previous failures to detect minor changes near segment boundaries
  • channel user shared data message cache now recycles old messages much better after segmentation changes, reducing sync bandwidth
  • after channel user unbanned, full internal re-compile and re-signing of shared data, allowing a more rapid re-sync with other channel users
  • added /clear command to channels, in addition to shift-escape hotkey on Windows and ctrl-escape on Linux
  • channel user purge now properly takes into account users that were previously sharing and cleared profile
  • channel user purge / re-sync cycling eliminated
  • fixed problems in channel forum activity notifications, no longer firing during minor user re-syncs
  • show last seen time in user offline tooltip, which is time of last seen locally or last cached broadcast message timestamp
  • when right-clicking unresolved hash links, location in menu is now correct
  • many other minor improvements to the GUI
  • updated IP-Location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.62 is now available. There have been several important updates:
  • completely revised webseed support
  • magnet links now fully support HTTP/HTTPS webseeds via the ws= and as= attributes
  • webseed TLS connections now forward proper host names through Server Name Indication
  • fixed problems with webseed HTTP request path compilation in multi-file downloads, now always caches original names
  • better response overflow protection for webseeds to avoid wasted bandwidth
  • magnet links support meta-info HTTP/HTTPS download via the xs= attribute
  • consecutive piece selection for webseed connections allows for more efficient pipelining and higher speeds
  • better connection timing algorithm for webseeds, support for request pipelining on keep-alive connections
  • template for copying magnet links in Settings > Transfers > Magnet-Links now also supports [webmeta] tag
  • support magnet links from web-based video platforms like PeerTube and BitChute
  • fixed several problems with HTTP redirect handling and loop detection in trackers / webseeds / RSS
  • raised asynchronous piece-saving queue maximum length to avoid slowdowns in downloads with very small piece size
  • fully revised peer connection and choke/unchoke timing algorithms
  • much faster peer connection upon initial download startup
  • fixed problems with temporary peer lockout when restarting transfers
  • better error handling when creating directories for new multi-file downloads
  • several minor protocol-level fixes in the HTTP server that powers the WebUI system
  • fixed crash during move operations on multi-file transfers containing zero-length files
  • better cleanup in TLS adapter, prevents rare crash when using HTTPS trackers / webseeds / RSS
  • named-host SSL SOCKS or HTTPS proxy connections now correctly forward host name via Server Name Indication
  • improved memory allocation error handling, can now better detect erroneous allocations vs true out-of-memory conditions
  • other minor improvements in the GUI
We are working on several more fixes and improvements. Another release will be posted very soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.61 is now available. This update contains several important fixes and improvements:
  • individual per-channel tray activity notification options in right-click menu in channel list
  • individual per-contact tray online notification options in right-click menu in contact list
  • incoming peer connection encryption negotiation has more intelligent rate-limiting algorithm, less CPU load under extreme conditions
  • fixed problems with file/directory links (reparse points) in Windows
  • new compiler and build system for both Windows and Linux platforms, which produces more compact and efficient program executables
  • much better startup behavior when previous instance is still saving configuration .dat files
  • fixed several compatibility problems with older Windows systems like XP and Vista
  • fixed problems with excessive file/link association prompting in Linux
  • UPNP client implementation completely re-written, now operates much more reliably with more router models
  • fixed problems with Bandwidth Auto-Limiter IPv6 traceroute operation in Windows build
  • column widths now save correctly on GTK build
  • fixed force-polling option in Settings > Transfers > Files
  • fixed problems with Home view event log settings persisting between sessions
  • delay options for Auto-Startup now go up to 30 minutes
  • prevent Auto-Shutdown in first 2 minutes of program running or first 2 minutes since feature activated
  • tweaked DHT port confirmation timings, status indication is now more accurate
  • fixed several DHT warning dialogs that were not showing reliably under certain error conditions
  • spread out post-stop piece flushing interval randomization, for less stress on disk cache when many transfers are stopped
  • better memory fault tracking, differentiates failures due to true lack of system memory vs malformed allocation requests
  • fixed rare crashes during UPNP port mapping negotiation on Linux build
  • icon rendering routines fully re-worked for more accurate and faster display in very high DPI modes
  • fixed several display problems in Bandwidth Auto-Limiter advanced view
  • tracker timing system fully revised, now uses combination of uptime and clock so that system suspend/pause does not cause disruptions
  • extended tracker soft-start interval after system resume, allowing previously connected trackers to assert priority over others
  • UPNP and NAT-PMP timings now based on combination of system uptime and clock, preventing mapping disruptions after suspend/pause
  • more responsive DHT search transfer/channel selection algorithms, to give better recovery after network disruptions
  • channel gather/announce operations are slightly more aggressive now, giving quicker results especially for firewalled users
  • updated IP location tables
  • several other minor fixes and tweaks in the GUI
More improvements are in the works. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.59 is now available. This update contains several important fixes and improvements:
  • new internal GUI framework that properly scales on high-DPI displays like 2K and 4K
  • bandwidth throttle re-engineered for much more CPU-efficient operation
  • search algorithms and RSS filter updated to better support international character equivalencies
  • word-breaking code in search algorithms and RSS filter updated to support all Unicode word-break sequences
  • RSS-XML parser major updates, better compatibility with non-conforming feeds
  • now support tracker/RSS/IPFilter authenticated URLs that contain a user name with an @ symbol
  • several UPNP / NAT-PMP problems fixed, including one that could cause a crash
  • HTTP server that runs the WebUI has been fully rewritten
  • WebUI HTTPS certificate parsing and management routines fully rewritten
  • several optimizations in WebUI chart rendering routines
  • fixed WebUI outgoing bandwidth chart mime type
  • updated SHA1 and SHA3 hashers for improved performance
  • updated RC4 encryption routines for better throughput
  • several improvements to treeview controls used throughout the program, less RAM usage, faster sorting
  • new file system access and bandwidth charts in Help > Diagnostics menu
  • several minor fixes and optimizations when saving .dat program config-files
  • all GUI icons now scale correctly with font-size changes
  • GUI frame thickness and control spacing now scales proportionally to configured font-size
  • default max units now set to T everywhere
  • charts now have correct layout and spacing in high-DPI modes
  • charts now fully support 64-bit data sets without visual overflow
  • fixed problems with chart display accuracy when using base-2 units
  • several math fixes and optimizations in chart painting routines, more accurate and faster output
  • fixed problems with auto-scroll in chat rooms
  • fixed label ellipsizing problems in several areas
  • improved color-text drawing routines, much lower CPU usage
  • fixed minor problems with clipboard copy operations in chat rooms and private messages
  • color-selector in settings fully re-engineered, now renders correctly in high-DPI modes, uses less CPU
  • fixed font size setting desynchonization problem when adjusting from tray menu
  • memory state diagnostic chart is now more accurate when dealing with large numbers of small allocations
  • updated linked OpenSSL libraries to most recent
  • updated IP-Country location tables
  • several minor fixes to RPM and DEB file packages for Linux systems
  • many other minor adjustments and tweaks throughout the program
Another release will be posted very soon. We are in the process of integrating several other improvements to our application framework that were made during the development of Super Simple Server. There are several new features that are ready to be added once Tixati is fully updated and we are certain that everything is stable. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.58 is now available. This release contains several very important updates:
  • download piece handling, caching, and hashing completely re-engineered
  • long-running incomplete pieces are cached on-disk, giving drastic RAM reduction with many downloads
  • all pieces are cached in separate files, within per-transfer folders
  • initial full loading from piece cache upon program start has been eliminated, greatly improving load times
  • final incomplete piece saving has been greatly simplified, which has improved final shutdown time
  • much more efficient scattered hashing of multi-source pieces, can now handle thousands of source peers per piece
  • piece repair algorithm thoroughly searches all multi-source permutations in the most efficient order
  • throttled, multi-threaded piece repair hashing for stability in torrents under heavy attack
  • peer piece assignment algorithm has been greatly improved and now prioritizes repair of long-running pieces
  • fixed rare crash originating in UPNP port-mapping client when receiving unexpected responses from router
  • new diagnostic charts in help menu that show memory allocation rate and level
  • all diagnostic charts now have full range of separate detail charts for all 15 sub-categories
  • added workarounds to deal with remote clients that continuously reply to block requests with lt_donthave messages
  • numerous fixes to tree/list view controls throughout the program, including faster text rendering
  • fixed display defects relating to progress-bar controls within tree/list view on some GTK themes
  • global disk operation queuing engine has had several improvements to its task prioritization algorithms
  • file/folder names are now correctly incremented when creating duplicate files
  • better support for control label pass-through when working with 3rd-party screen-readers
  • support for clickable fopnu: links in channels, share profiles, and private messages
  • magnet/dsc links with invalid characters in the title field are handled more gracefully
  • fixed display problems with font-fallback when rendering text via Windows Uniscribe (channels/share/messages)
  • fixed font-fallback installed font enumeration problems, improved registry reader for better compatibility
  • text views now show correct disabled background color when embedded in a tab
  • lines in text views are now clipped to prevent aggressive unicode diacritic stacking from bleeding upward
  • fixed problems with numeric spin-box notification mechanism that would prevent update upon Settings window close
  • peer event logging has had many readability fixes
  • more efficient directory change notification monitor used for optionally watching folders for .torrent files
  • several other minor GUI fixes
  • updated IP-Location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.57 is now available. There have been several important updates:
  • much faster peer quick-reconnect selection algorithm, for rapid recovery after stop-start cycle
  • faster connection recovery after long file-allocation
  • added proxy presets feature that allows quick switching
  • re-engineered background config-file saving, now has much smoother operation
  • several improvements to number/bytes formatting throughout program
  • completely revised UPNP client, now with much faster startup, and better compatibility
  • WebUI now supports direct download of files in the Transfers > Files view by clicking file name
  • fixed crash in WebUI when using host names
  • WebUI option in settings to map port via UPNP/NAT-PMP
  • fixed minor problems when creating WebUI template folder
  • improved WebUI templates, now with better chart sizing when javascript is not available
  • fixed problems with GTK tray balloon notifications causing DBus abort upon bad UTF8 titles
  • better first-run main window sizing
  • several improvements to the channel stream HTTP feed-client, including more aggressive recovery
  • improved support for ICY-metadata protocol in channel stream local playback HTTP server
  • updated IP location tables
  • several other minor GUI fixes and tweaks throughout the program
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.56 is now available. There have been several important updates:
  • major improvements to SSDP local peer discovery, especially on Windows platforms
  • WebUI SSL engine has been fully updated
  • support protocol extension lt_donthave, which may improve speed from memory-constrained peers
  • fixed several minor problems with text views when displaying lines with mixed LTR and RTL text
  • incomplete piece folder management has been streamlined, should have much less polling overhead
  • several fixes to Universal Plug and Play port forwarding
  • NAT-PMP port-forwarding is now much more reliable
  • major internal optimizations and improvements to tree/list controls for both Windows/GTK platforms
  • GTK tree/list control expanders re-engineered
  • GTK tree/list control smooth indent reduction when viewing deep folder structures
  • all text views have been revised to allow proper display of tab-stops
  • channel info, messages, and private messages no longer filter tab characters
  • improvements to Secure Local Resource Discovery so that local channel connection discovery is more reliable
  • fixed problems with download completion notification sound failing to play in some circumstances
  • several optimizations to channel stream encoder/decoders to reduce CPU usage when hash-checking segments
  • fixed problems with display of time remaining while seeding to a ratio limit
  • fixed problems with optional display of base-1024 units
  • fixed sorting problems with the time left column and recently stopped transfers
  • increasing/decreasing the font size via the tray menu should now work correctly on all platforms
  • numerous other minor GUI tweaks and adjustments, including some icon refinements
  • updated the IP-Location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.55 is now available. This release contains many important bug-fixes and improvements:
  • GUI dynamic control positioning framework has been overhauled for less flicker and jitter during resizing, and more flexible layouts
  • ctrl-v in transfers window will open magnet links from clipboard
  • Windows Uniscribe rendering now supports FontFallback specification, so all Unicode code points will now render on any system
  • seeding ratio limit at lowest setting (0.01) immediately stops seeding
  • numerous compatibility updates to HTTP client that supports trackers and RSS
  • major overhaul of Linux treeview controls to fix several issues with column sizing, rendering, and expander lockout
  • added work-around for crash in Uniscribe when it attempts to process UTF-16 surrogate pairs with unknown script type
  • optimized DNS resolver to handle more simultaneous outgoing requests and process timeouts more gracefully
  • several protocol updates to channel peer-peer connections to consume less bandwidth and synchronize quicker
  • better file error/corruption detection throughout the program
  • overhaul of directory watch layer (inotify/ReadDirectoryChangesW) for more efficient and reliable operation
  • further adjustment of DHT rate-limits to better filter requests from poorly implemented remote clients that cause request flooding
  • updated IP location tables from 2017/08/09 delegation lists
  • several other minor GUI fixes and adjustments
Thanks for using Tixati!

Version 2.53 is now available. This is a major upgrade with several important fixes and improvements.

All channels now have a fully decentralized forum that is available next to the Chat tab. Messages are organized into a threaded view, numerous layout options are available, and a full set of moderation controls allow the channel's operators to maintain their forum. Private messages between users can also be posted and are encrypted against the recipient's public key.

Other aspects of channel operation have been greatly improved as well. Shared user data, such as links, text, and forum messages, are now automatically segmented with a much more intelligent algorithm, which minimizes the bandwidth used to propagate changes when a small amount of content is added to a large shared collection. We have also spent a lot of time and effort working on the channel connection to connection protocol so that synchronization of user data is much more reliable and efficient.

There have also been numerous improvements throughout the core framework that underpins the entire program. We have made several fixes and improvements to our cross-platform native GUI toolkit, and have also made performance-critical optimizations in some of the core string-processing and encoding routines that are relied upon throughout the app.

More improvements are on the way.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.51 is now available. This release contains several very important bug-fixes:
  • fixed multiple problems with tracker connection header formatting
  • sequencing of config file saving and overwriting is now handling orphaned temp files properly
  • fixed problems overwriting temp config files during load error recovery
  • download completion commands should now work correctly
  • minor issues with peer selection have been fixed
  • numerous other minor problems throughout the program due to an issue with a recent build-chain upgrade have been fixed
We will begin alpha-testing some new features within days. Please keep an eye on the forum if you want to participate.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.49 is now available. This update includes several important fixes and improvements:
  • fixed problems with Linux kernel 4.8.10 and newer causing unexpected socket closure
  • new setting for maximum simultaneous DHT searches
  • default maximum simultaneous DHT searches raised to 20 (from 12)
  • several minor compatibility updates and fixes to the internal URI parser
  • added new scheduler action that exports configuration file backups
  • added new scheduler action that randomizes incoming port
  • several minor internal framework updates to leverage newest C++17 features
  • added new GUI box classes to support better layout positioning methods
  • minor updates to GUI buttons, checkboxes, and radio boxes in preparation for new platforms
  • improvements to internal QoS prioritization for outgoing UDP message queues
  • several optimizations in transfer piece handling and hash-checking routines to save CPU time
  • redesign of DHT query processor soft-throttle system for much smoother engagement under high load
  • updated IP-location tables
Work continues on long-term improvements. We will be ready to test an important new addition to the Channels within weeks. Please keep an eye on the forum for upcoming announcements if you want to help alpha-test the latest updates.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.48 is now available. This release contains several important fixes and improvements:
  • complete re-write of thread scheduling core to improve performance and reliability
  • fixed crash upon DNS resolve failure when bootstrapping DHT
  • trackers now report per-session UL/DL statistics instead of all-time
  • added stats_report:all_time to Individual Tracker Options in Settings > Transfers > Trackers
  • fixed minor problems in config .dat file saving routines that would cause slightly inflated file sizes
  • fixed problems with menu tooltips on Windows builds
  • revised font-selection routines in text-view, rich-view, and code-view controls
  • additional guarding around several Windows GDI functions to better handle resource allocation failures
  • several optimizations to internal settings registry, which should slightly improve performance
  • streaming in channels from an HTTP live source now supports more formats, including full ICY headers
  • several minor adjustments to the DHT rate-limiters to deal with excessive requests from certain clients
  • updated IP-Location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.47 is now available. This is a quick update to the 2.46 release from earlier today that fixes several minor issues with tooltip display in Windows build treeviews, listviews, and text controls.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.46 is now available. This minor update fixes a few last-minute problems with the recent 2.45 release:
  • all double-click settings from previous versions are now being recognized
  • several minor cursor-tracking fixes in Windows tree/list view controls
  • minor adjustments to DHT rate-limits
  • fine-tuning of the config-file loading routines to further improve startup speed
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati v2.45 is now available. This release contains several important fixes and improvements throughout the program:
  • faster and more memory-efficient config loading on startup
  • support for config files over 4GB
  • fixed problems with channel share recursive mirroring, added loop prevention
  • update channel share mirrors on channel startup
  • Linux/GTK build now supports drag-dropping .torrent files and text with magnet links from shell
  • several fixes in Windows drag-drop shell interface
  • outgoing stream window now supports drag-dropping media files on list
  • outgoing stream window can now load .pls and .m3u playlist files along with the usual .ts and .mp3 media files
  • outgoing stream window can now save .pls and .m3u files by right-clicking two or more selected entries
  • trackers now report all-time upload/download statistics (same as seen in transfer details tab) instead of re-zeroing on every run
  • font size is now adjustable directly from the tray menu under the Layout submenu
  • on Windows systems, if directory watch notification fails on a network drive, polling method will automatically be tried
  • fixed problems with file replacement confirmation dialogs
  • fixed several problems with moving newly-created seeds while initial hash-checking was still underway
  • several URL decoding fixes when parsing file:// links from the Linux shell (command line, drag-drop, IPC, etc.)
  • fixed crash in bandwidth quota actions when a referenced bandwidth preset no longer exists
  • fixed rare crash caused by loading very old configuration files that contain files with a null path
  • additional per-file validity-checks when creating new torrents from local files
  • updated transfer-initiation routines to prevent needless file allocation under certain error conditions
  • better handling of broken symbolic links in Linux file systems
  • transfer preload window "Apply to All" option will not override category-capture paths for subsequent transfers
  • moving a newly-created seed to another device during initial checking will no longer clear the bitfield
  • out of memory termination is handled more gracefully, leaves a log file on desktop
  • improvements to channel search algorithms
  • core UDP/TCP socket wrappers have improved closedown/lingering semantics
  • stream playback pacing algorithms completely re-engineered and re-written, resulting in much smoother playback
  • option to launch streams directly with ffplay is now off by default (vlc is still on by default)
  • added charts in stream properties window to show validation rate and playback rate
  • new PNG rendering engine (for icons and graphics) that is much faster and less error-prone
  • fixed several problems with various tree sorting modes in main transfer view layout menu
  • better text positioning inside progress bars
  • the color of checkboxes in treeviews can now be altered in Settings > User Interface > Custom Colors
  • help-handling (F1 key) context subsystem has been replaced
  • resource storage tokenization/compression improvements
  • major updates to GUI settings and color storage (this will allow future addition of columns without disturbing custom order)
  • added several advanced positioning directives to GUI layout engine
  • implemented notifications for online contacts
  • implemented notifications for private messages from contacts
  • several minor fixes in the DHT
  • minor fixes in the GUI for channels classic layout
  • updated IP-location tables
  • fixed temporary allocation errors when a transfer file is forced through download - delete - download cycle
  • minor fixes to tray icon / menu and balloon notification system
  • seeding auto-stop on ratio/seeds now waits for file-touching upon transfer startup
  • move-on-complete paths are now properly cleared after completion, instead of falling back to default
  • several other internal upgrades to our GUI layout engine and framework have been made
  • fixed errors when creating directories upon transfer move-on-complete and simultaneous incomplete-rename

We are working on several new features and will resume testing soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati v2.43 is now available. This release contains new features, performance improvements, and several fixes:
  • new Share sub-menu for transfer categories allows easy mirroring in Channels
  • upgraded DHT core, now with 50% more simultaneous searches, increased startup speed
  • much faster SHA1 hashing routines, providing faster file checking, lower CPU while downloading, and faster peak throughput
  • option in Settings > Transfers > Files for alternate polling method of watching folders for .torrent files, works with NFS/Samba drives
  • delete key while hovering on a recently-used location in a Transfer context menu will remove it
  • several optimizations to piece verification logic, resulting in lower CPU usage while downloading and higher speeds
  • optional Auto-Shutdown persistence after restart
  • optimizations in program startup routines for faster GUI loading
  • eliminated directory-creation errors when using Move on Complete with incomplete file naming in transfers with deep folders
  • fixed problems applying custom tracker headers parsed from URLs or from individual tracker options
  • option in Settings > Transfers > Files to allow file deletion of locally-created transfers
  • notification sound for channel activity can now be rate-limited in Settings > User Interface > Behavior > Notifications
  • several optimizations to the WebUI server to make it operate more efficiently with large numbers of transfers in list
  • fixed problems with copying text from chat windows
  • minor GUI fixes in Settings > User Interface > Behavior > Notifications window
  • corrected minor number formatting problems when using non-default Output Formatting settings
  • optimized main Settings window to load faster on systems with many thousands of fonts installed
  • fixed minor startup sorting and updating problems in main transfer list
  • problems in the transfer preload window with editable full-path locations have been fixed
  • minor fixes in channel synchronization routines to avoid excessive notifications for offline users
  • default refresh interval for mirrored transfers in Share window is now 15 minutes instead of previous 30
  • updated IP-location tables
  • numerous other minor fixes throughout the program

We are still working on another major improvement to the Channels system and hope to start testing soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.42 is now available. This is a minor update to yesterday's 2.41 release that fixes a few small problems:
  • eliminated occasional channel member permission rapid-toggling during download of cached messages
  • applied optimizations to channel configuration loading routines to prevent slowdowns when loading channels with many members
  • minor adjustments to peer message timing routines for transfers
  • fine-tuning of channel shared data syncronization algorithms and protocol to improve efficiency
  • a few other minor fixes to improve compatibility with systems that have file-scanning utilities such as auto-backup or AV

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.41 is now available.

This is a major release that includes a new sound-notification feature, a major overhaul of the channels system, and many refinements and optimizations to the recently upgraded local file-handling core. There have also been many other improvements throughout the program:
  • new Notification settings window accessible via Settings > User Interface > Behavior
  • new channel shared data fast syncronization protocol that synchronizes all member shared links within minutes
  • numerous optimizations in the handling of shared data in channels, especially for large collections
  • auto-segmenting of channel info and member shared data, so minor changes or additions do not invalidate all data
  • fixed problems with manual editing of channel shared data on Windows systems
  • file/folder moves and renames will be retried after temporary errors such as file-access locking by other processes
  • rigid sequencing of per-file move on complete, whole-transfer move on complete, file shell commands, and transfer shell commands
  • final rename of incomplete-named files is better-incorporated into move on complete logic
  • final rename of incomplete-named files will be retried after temporary errors, unless manually cancelled
  • file open-linger times extended slightly when less than 20 handles are open (better compatibility with some AV scanners)
  • fixed transfer startup grey-file problem when not using "error on missing files" setting
  • checking now excludes freshly-allocated files or freshly-extended sections
  • minor fix in piece prioritization to avoid selection of allocating yet existing pieces under rare conditions (eg. extending files)
  • differentiated handling between Linux EACCESS error (hard-stop) and Windows (temporary error/soft-stop)
  • additional checking and delays for seed ratio stop and seed count stop features, to prevent stopping in middle of move on complete
  • minor fixes to file/xfer status while waiting to move
  • a file complete, delete, reallocate cycle will now use incomplete naming correctly
  • inner file-only move can be cancelled from transfer main menu
  • better handling of inter-device moves when interrupted by a file rename
  • fixed crash when loading corrupted configuration .dat files
  • a few minor fixes in configuration .dat saving routines
  • a multi-file transfer that has only a single file selected will now correctly open the file by right-click or double-click main transfer
  • double-click on transfer now initially defaults to Open File/Folder instead of Start/Stop
  • other minor GUI fixes have been made in several areas of the program
  • updated IP-location tables

We are working on more new features for the channels and expect to have something very interesting ready soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.38 is now available. This is a last-minute update to the 2.37 release from yesterday that fixes a few minor problems:
  • fixed crashing problems caused by invalid initial configuration and/or missing incoming files path
  • fixed rare crashes when changing location in preload window and transfer has invalid path setting
  • minor fixes in initial configuration dialog relating to incoming path selection
  • a few other very minor GUI adjustments
  • updated IP-Location tables

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.37 is now available. This is a major update with massive performance improvements over the previous version, a completely re-engineered local file system interface, and several other new features and improvements.
  • new incomplete file name formatting feature in Settings > Transfers > Files
  • new automatic file selection feature that only downloads larger file(s) in a torrent
  • switched local file system to an asynchronous API, greatly improving performance
  • all local file system functions are now merge-aware and correctly detect symlinks/shortcuts and alternate paths
  • major improvements to moving and renaming local files, including better prompting for conflicts
  • moving a folder's location will also move any internal files that have a custom location within the outer location
  • new option for Move on Complete to always work at the individual file level in Settings > Transfers > Files
  • major improvements to the transfer pre-load prompt
  • completely redesigned piece prioritization, checking, verification, and repair routines
  • hashing functions now make use of extra CPU cores
  • all config files are now compiled and saved asynchronously, eliminating occasional pauses when large .dat files are written
  • individual file completion shell commands can now be prepended with xfer@ to delay them until the entire transfer completes
  • several improvements to the sequencing of initial file checks and scans, duplicate checking, and category capture
  • improved event log rendering performance and raised maximum backscroll size to 50,000 lines
  • updated IP location tables
  • fixed problems with internal HTTP universal client, improving tracker and RSS connection reliability
  • fixed problems with tracker merging
  • fixed problems when saving multiple .torrent files
  • several DHT performance improvements and remote query rate-limiting adjustments
  • numerous other minor GUI fixes and improvements

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.34 is now available. This is a minor update that addresses a few last-minute problems with the recent 2.33 release:
  • fixed problems with UDP-only / TCP-only outgoing connection mode not being strictly enforced
  • ordered priority can now be overridden by high and ultra-high priorities
  • fixed crash when trackers match IP Filter
  • fixed crash under rare conditions when files are renamed
  • eliminated premature directory creation from preload window
  • fixed packaging problems with .deb installers
  • a few other minor GUI layout adjustments

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.33 is now available.

Since the last release, several new features have been added, and there have been many important internal changes to core components that have greatly improved overall reliability and performance.

A new bandwidth quota management system has been added. This is accessible from the Bandwidth view under the Advanced button menu. Quotas can be managed with an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly cycle. Quota reset times, hours of effectiveness, and actions to take upon reaching limit are all fully configurable.

The system that manages transfer local file locations, moving, and renaming has been completely re-engineered. Managing naming conflicts and merging of local files is much simpler, and confirmation prompts are used in a few key places.

The Individual Tracker Settings system has had major upgrades and fixes. It is now much simpler for common uses, such as adding or removing trackers in newly loaded transfers.

Files within a transfer can be prioritized in a numbered order. Select multiple files, right-click, and then select "Ordered" from the Priority sub-menu to use this new feature.

Several other fixes and improvements have been made since the v2.31 release:
  • can now add multiple magnet links from the Add window
  • fixed problems copying multiple magnet links from transfers window
  • added support for ws attribute when parsing magnet links
  • added support for webseed placeholder when generating magnet links
  • added option to watch a directory for .desktop and .url files in addition to .torrent files
  • in Settings>Transfers>Meta-Info added option to auto-delete torrent file when manually loading from specific directory
  • file completion shell commands support additional placeholders $path $basepath $name $ext
  • multiple file completion shell commands for same extension/type now supported
  • file handles are kept closed for a 6 second window after completion if using file completion shell commands
  • file completion shell commands will execute even if transfer is immediately stopped by ratio/seed limit
  • other minor fixes to prevent file completion shell commands from running when checking or moving
  • prevent file name conflicts when saving multiple .torrent files from transfer view
  • the incomplete piece / dnd file crust cache file purging system has been completely re-engineered and should use much less filesystem resources
  • several fixes to the file checking system to prevent excessive hash-checking of partial downloads upon session startup and moves
  • the main internal procedure scheduler has been completely replaced with a much better system that provides complex prioritization control
  • extensive improvements to the win32 message loop idle bypass system and timer system
  • the connection pacer has been completely replaced with a more reliable and much more performant system
  • the internal precision timer component has been replaced with a more granular system that helps avoid processing holdups and backlogs
  • numerous performance optimizations in peer connections and peer management
  • several important performance optimizations in transfer local file handling routines
  • more graceful error handling when too many files are open
  • time limits for transfer local file open-lingering have been lowered to reduce average open handle count
  • fixed problems with merging trackers that would cause groups to be erroneously merged
  • added advanced individual tracker option "xfer_peerid:" that will change peer-id of transfers containing matching trackers
  • added advanced individual tracker option "xfer_created_by:" that changes the "created by" field in saved .torrent files
  • directly embedded tracker URL peerid/headers/cookie flags will have priority over settings in tracker individual options
  • improved UDP tracker connection key caching
  • overhaul of internal traffic counting system, now also includes headers, DHT and HTTP from RSS, trackers, etc.
  • updated WebUI to support ordered priority
  • other minor WebUI fixes, including file sort order
  • fixed problems with upload ratio calculation for locally-sourced seeds
  • fixed minor bugs in incoming connection handling when set to single protocol mode
  • peer-id randomization every 6-36 hours (synced to local IP change if possible)
  • deselecting all files in preload dialog will no longer trigger category capture
  • fixed minor display updating problems when switching transfers between categories
  • fixed minor clipboard text line-ending problems in Windows build
  • raised text length limits in Windows multi-line text entry controls
  • fixed minor logging problems in transfer objects
  • partial custom peer IDs entered from Options property tab will be internally padded with characters from full 1-255 range
  • improved file diagnostic logging
  • fixed problems with peer ignore causing crash under certain rare conditions
  • IP-location tables updated
  • many other minor performance optimizations throughout the program

There are many more improvements and upgrades on the way. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.31 is now available. This is a minor update that addresses a few last-minute problems with yesterday's 2.29 release:
  • custom peer IDs from individual tracker options are now properly URL-decoded
  • trackers now always use last announced peer ID unless announcing status=started
  • fixed a few additional GUI problems related to windows treeview controls, including sort highlight position
  • when renaming file, extension is excluded from initial text selection
  • a few other minor corrections to the GUI layout
  • updated internal IP location database

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.29 is now available. This update includes a few new features as well as several minor improvements and bug-fixes:
  • individual tracker options can be adjusted based upon URL-matching from within Settings > Transfers > Trackers
  • separate seeding/download default peer connection limits in Settings > Network > Connections
  • peer connection limits can now be adjusted as low as 5
  • sparse file allocation is now much faster, making for quicker torrent startup on supporting filesystems
  • GUI changes to allow for better compatibility with systems with very large default fonts and/or low resolution displays
  • file completion shell commands moved to separate window for easier editing
  • fixes to HTTP client in RSS/Trackers to work around incomplete server responses
  • transfer view ordering problems with offline transfers have been fixed
  • auto-shutdown minimum delay problems eliminated
  • fixed minor problems with sort column highlighting in tree views
  • file dialog extension filtering is now case-insensitive
  • loading from a watched folder is now done in exact order of notification from OS
  • channel topic on never-visited (grey) channels is now preserved between sessions
  • files tab completion percentages now show correctly in nested folders
  • fixed problems with watched folder loading magnet links from .url and .desktop files
  • category capture options (tracker/files) now save between sessions
  • category meta-info / magnet-link filesystem paths are now moving correctly in portable mode
  • several other very minor GUI fixes

For upcoming versions, we are currently working on several major improvements to the channel system, a bandwidth quota manager, and several usability improvements and performance optimizations for the transfer system.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.28 is now available. This release contains several important bug-fixes and minor improvements throughout the program:
  • category capture can now also compare file names and tracker URLs
  • .url and .desktop files that contain magnet links are now also processed in folders that are being watched for .torrent files
  • fixed HTTP "server overflow" error when processing chunked encoding with zero-length initial segment
  • transfer preload window is no longer blocked by the presence of other modal dialogs
  • web UI can now optionally be run without a login
  • some improvements to the way RSS feed link refresh and item download errors are displayed
  • RSS feed link error status and retry counts now persist between sessions
  • fixed RSS feed item URL formatting problem when sourced from feed links with custom headers or cookies
  • time span display formatting tweaks
  • GUI tabbed views in Transfers and RSS will remember last tab between sessions
  • locations chosen when moving individual files within a transfer will now also be added to the recently-used list
  • check for missing download folder or missing incomplete piece folder will tolerate transient errors for up to 10 seconds
  • improvements to the Windows system shutdown config-saving process
  • config file saving sequence on program close has been slightly altered for more overally reliability
  • preload window option "Apply to All" now also applies trackers and category selection
  • fixed problems with using "Updated" torrents that overwrite files, force-check now overrides all errors when file is too small
  • seeding problems due to interaction of super-seeding algorithm with upload_only protocol extension have been solved
  • super-seeding will announce upload_only when no more useful pieces are available to upload
  • auto-shutdown will now wait for all moving/allocating activity plus a small additional delay to make sure all operations are complete
  • added some work-arounds for some extremely rare Windows bugs that cause a disabled main window
  • fixed a rare crash upon startup involving transfers that are in an indeterminant state when closing program
  • several minor fixes and tweaks to the Windows pop-up menu widgets, now using dynamically-created popups
  • minor URL formatting fixes affecting trackers that use username:password@ format in URL
  • minor tweaks to startup window positioning code on Windows platforms

We are now working toward major upgrades to the channel system, a new bandwidth quota manager, and several other minor improvements.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.27 is now available. This is a last-minute update to yesterday's release, and includes a few important fixes to prevent a crash under heavy file-checking activity, as well as a few minor tweaks to the peer connection management algorithms.

The next release should be a ready in a few weeks with some new features and several other minor improvements.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.26 is now available. This version has many new features as well as numerous other minor improvements and bug fixes:
  • several new tabs have been added to the category properties window
  • categories can auto-capture transfers that match a user-configured title filter, upon transfer loading and/or completion
  • categories can each watch their own file system folder for .torrent files to load
  • categories have individual settings to save .torrent or magnet link upon transfer loading and/or completion
  • file-checking routines re-worked to be much more CPU friendly and more efficient, especially with large pieces
  • added two new pages in Settings > Transfers, one for magnet links, another for file locations
  • option to save .torrent or magnet link upon transfer completion
  • option in Settings > Transfers > Files to run shell command(s) upon completion of transfer, file, or specific file extension
  • new optional column in transfer view, "Last Activity", records the time of last block upload or download
  • Add Transfer and Preload windows now display free disk space on location tooltips
  • when program starts up, peer connections will wait for any pending IP filter refresh/reload operations to complete
  • new checks to make sure popup windows do not show offscreen, even with previously-visible saved positions
  • fixed URL parsing to work better with username:password@ after protocol and before address section
  • when binding a local network interface, check for interface changes is done more often, every 10-15s, down from 30s
  • new workarounds for tray icon problems in some Linux distros
  • eliminated problems with incomplete piece storage between sessions
  • new transfer tracker adjustment now also applies to created transfers
  • better system shutdown handling in the Windows build
  • improved GUI input-focus processing in Windows systems
  • eliminated a minor category-jump (which would cause selection loss) when new downloads start up
  • adding a peer manually can now change the port of an existing offline peer with the same address
  • fixed some display issues in the 'Tree View' transfer layout
  • updated IP-location tables

We are working on more new features and another release should be ready within a few weeks.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.25 is now available. This update brings several important improvements and fixes:
  • magnet links for extremely large torrents can now be resolved much more quickly
  • greatly improved meta-data poison block detection and recovery
  • meta-data gathering block-selection algorithms have been completely redesigned
  • meta-data block status is now displayed in details tab while gathering from peers
  • updated bEncode parser to handle strings up to 67MB long, allowing extremely large .torrent files to be loaded
  • transfer or file force-checking can now override the "Existing file with incorrect size" error when file is too small
  • several fixes for SOCKS4/5 proxy connections, now fully compatible with TOR and SSH tunnels
  • IP Filter blocklist parsing supports additional formats (see IP Filter Format support page)
  • minimum IP Filter refresh time reduced to 3 hours
  • fixed tree/list view sort ordering of names containing numbers on Windows systems
  • local address settings on Network > Connections page now also accept interface names
  • local address settings have a browse button for quickly selecting any local IP or interface
  • fixed an extremely rare crash caused by a specific UPNP failure condition
  • fixed a minor thread-pool desyncronization issue that was delaying DNS lookups under certain conditions
  • treeviews and listviews on Windows systems have had numerous minor performance improvements
  • fixed a problem preventing incoming connection reception when set to 'Encrypted Only'
  • minor tweaks to event logging throughout the program
  • new diagnostic stress-test available in the help menu
  • updated IP address location tables

More improvements and fixes are on the way. Please stay tuned...

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.24 is now available.

This update has a rebuilt scheduler and also fixes a few rare problems that can lead to a crash:
  • scheduler time-zone conversion and localization system was re-written completely, including GUI logic
  • fixed rare crash caused by an interlock/race condition when using the peer ignore feature
  • some minor adjustments to file path handling in portable mode
  • added an ignore button to the incoming port error dialog
  • fixed extremely rare crash triggered by tracker encountering a specific remote error upon program shutdown
  • tightened some rate-limits in the UDP hole punching system
  • a few other minor bug fixes in the incoming connection handlers

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.23 is now available.

This update fixes a few small problems with 2.21, and also improves the automatic seed queue management:
  • seed queue management now takes into account bandwidth priority settings (adjustable in advanced settings)
  • further adjustments to outgoing block request pipelining
  • file name character encoding problems fixed
  • fixed minor problems with IPv6 holepunching and PEX peer exchange
  • fixed a crash upon certain HTTP/DNS errors when retrieving .torrent files from RSS feeds
  • problem with WebUI not showing event logs has been fixed
  • WebUI now loads template files correctly
  • slightly increased DHT search pacing and fine-tuned request timeouts
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.21 is now available.

This is a minor update to version 2.19 released yesterday.  There have been a few important changes:
  • a problem with setting file/protocol associations in Windows has been fixed
  • customized transfer sub-folder names are now being saved properly between sessions
  • some further performance tuning in the UDP Peer Connection driver
  • fixed minor problems with DHT search outgoing message prioritization
  • updated IP-Country translation tables
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.19 is now available.

This is a minor last-minute update to version 2.18 released earlier today.  There have been a few important changes:
  • changed incoming block request queue size (declared 512, limit 1600) for better compatibility with non-conforming clients
  • outgoing block request pipelining algorithms adjusted to be more aggressive at higher speeds (>2MB/s)
  • automatic retry on incoming port bind error window
  • fixed problems with incoming port errors (EADDRNOTAVAIL) when corrupt addresses arrive via hole-punching
  • fixed crash when renaming folders in files tab
  • minor adjustments to run-time profiler for better accuracy
Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.18 is now available.

With this update, we are nearing completion of an ongoing transition to a new C++14-based cross-platform framework that gives Tixati increased reliability and performance.  Even more importantly, this new framework allows us to write more concise and straightforward code, which makes maintaining existing code and developing new features much much easier and faster.

There have been many changes since the last release:
  • random-port feature with adjustable interval
  • NAT-PMP port-mapping support in parallel with UPNP
  • greatly improved UPNP compatibility
  • all HTTPS connections (trackers/RSS/etc) support Server Name Indication (SNI)
  • WebUI now has full HTTPS capabilities, generates self-signed certs
  • torrent file loading compatibility improvements (work-around broken encodings in .torrent files)
  • raised incoming block request queue declared ("reqq") limit to 256, raised actual limit to 512
  • outgoing block request pipelining algorithms are greatly improved
  • numerous improvements to automatic upload/download queue slot management
  • channel stream hash-checking has a few important fixes to better cope with naturally zerod-out sections in streams
  • several minor fixes to channel information propagation, and channel topic change logic
  • new HTTP framework and core logic for trackers, RSS, IPFilter downloader, .torrent downloader, web seed client
  • new incoming port manager and configuration GUI
  • bandwidth throttle has been fully replaced, including all core proportioning logic
  • new UDP Peer Connection protocol driver (used by transfer peers and channel connections)
  • Linux versions now leave a crash-dump on desktop if there is a SIGSEGV, SIGABRT, SIGFPE, SIGILL, SIGINT, or SIGQUIT
  • process time-scheduler and runtime profiler have been upgraded
  • completely new event-logging engine that uses much less memory to hold backscroll buffers
  • a completely new filesystem driver, which offers improved performance when saving/loading any data to/from files
  • new DNS resolver
  • new low-level TCP/UDP event-driving and notification systems
  • all tracker code, including UDP tracking, has been fully re-implemented
  • outgoing connection pacing engine is new (regulation of simultaneous outgoing connections, eg. "Waiting to connect")
  • all core shell-integration features are now relying on the new framework
  • peer connection attempt sequencing and timing logic (udp/tcp/enc/plain) is now much more accurate
  • new ICMP driver for auto-throttle (ping/traceroute)
  • major revisions to auto-throttle trace/ping failure handling logic
  • several other minor GUI fixes and improvements
In the near future, we will be completing the final step of our framework transition (GUI/widgets) and then immediately proceed to implement some major improvements to the way users share and communicate.  We are working as quickly as possible toward these goals.  Please stay tuned...

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.16 is now available. This is a last-minute update to yesterday's v2.15 release that fixes some compatibility problems with older Windows XP pre-SP2 systems and IPv6.

Tixati version 2.15 is now available. This is a major update that includes new features and several major and minor bug-fixes.
  • optional automatic seed queue management system that rotates seeds in and out of standby depending on seed/peer counts and bandwidth
  • optional download queue auto-skip feature that will start additional queued downloads when bandwidth is under-utilized
  • queue management is fully configurable via XMLe in Settings > Transfers > General
  • dragging transfers can now queue/unqueue them in addition to simple reordering
  • peer/seed counts in status column reflect verified connections and not unverified tracker/dht counts
  • super-seeding improvements
  • several web-seeding fixes
  • several transfer-related GUI improvements
  • outgoing tracker transactions are queued and delayed under heavy load
  • category sub-menus grouped according to last category separator
  • new "codeview" fixed-width font for editing XMLe for menus, socket parameters, and queue management settings
  • legacy .dat configuration files are no longer loaded/saved (they have not been in use since v1.41), which speeds up shutdown
  • relaxed incoming connection rate limits
  • lowered incoming connection timeouts
  • several tracker protocol and timing improvements
  • improved poisoned piece recovery routines (especially with multiple block sources)
  • channel streaming improvements, especially for low bitrates and small segments
  • channel info/share editing remembers state when channel selection changes
  • several other channel-related GUI fixes
  • fixed problems with auto-throttle trace/ping on IPv6-only networks
  • major overhaul of core event loop and task-queuing system for smoother operation
  • eliminated dependencies on win32 pthreads library, most of OpenSSL, and boost::regex
We are working toward a major overhaul of the channels system, including a share/search/browse network that operates independently of channels.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.12 is now available.  This update adds support for web-seeding and contains several dozen major and minor bug-fixes.

- web-seeding support added (BEP-0019)
- fixed major problems with Linux dynamic linking
- GTK2 theme-compatibility has been improved
- eliminated channel info/msg GUI cross-posting problems
- improved channel activity notification system
- several HTTP engine updates (used in RSS/Trackers/IPFilter/Channels)
- raised torrent incoming request queue limit to 1200, from previous 200
- fixed problem with category paths not transposing to new location in portable mode
- eased file restrictions on locally-created seeds so location can be more easily changed
- further DHT refinements
- several other minor fixes and tweaks in the GUI and core

We are still working as fast as possible on a better system for transfer standby queue management, and we are working toward a solution to the problems with last-modified time mismatches causing excessive data-checking on files downloaded to some NAS units.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 2.11 has been released.

This new version features a complete makeover of the channels system and its UI.  There is now a common Share view that has a default profile for all channels.  There is also a new search view that works on all channels, and a contacts list for easy access to friends.  Streaming options have been improved, and the channels themselves have been carefully refined and tested for smoother operation.

There have also been several UI refinements made, including several new top toolbar options in the main view.  Right-click the toolbar and look in the Layout submenu to select the different styles.

We have also made several refinements to the bandwidth throttling routines, so that payload packets to a particular endpoint are larger and more sparsely sent out on the wire.  This will reduce protocol overhead and improve download and upload performance on high bandwidth connections, and will slightly reduce CPU loading.

The DHT has also had some minor work done to the internal logic.  This was mostly to further increase the speed of DHT lookups, and mitigate the impact of certain other clients that are abusing the DHT network with excessive requests.

The Linux version is now built on an updated toolchain to utilize the newest language features and several standard library improvements.  Some users may notice better CPU/memory performance on 64-bit Linux machines.

The next release is coming soon and will contain many new improvements to the transfer queuing system, as well as webseeding support.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 1.99 is now available. This release fixes several minor issues in the DHT and other parts of the program, and also offers improved Linux shell integration.
- DHT improved table-refresh behavior after system suspend/resume
- several improvements to DHT peer-db management algorithms for robustness against floods
- compatibility fixes to deal with remote DHT clients that send slightly malformed announce messages
- 20% wider DHT announce pattern to improve reliability in less-populated torrents
- improved remote WebUI performance under heavy file-transfer conditions
- fixed Linux magnet: and dsc: link shell association
- minor changes to Linux ACPI dbus messages for better compatibility
- minor adjustments to Channel streaming algorithms to improve performance with marginal bandwidth
- several additional RSS compatibility improvements
- many other minor fixes throughout the program

We are now working on a major update and will be proceeding to alpha-test Tixati v2.x in the coming months.  Further details will be posted when it is closer to completion.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 1.98 has been released.  This version fixes several problems in the RSS reader, and offers improved DHT and file-transfer performance.
- all published items in RSS feeds are now presumed to link to metadata if no other usable media-embed links exist
- RSS feed published items marked "magnet link only" will now be auto-downloaded by default
- work-around for RSS feeds that don't correctly encoded item URIs
- several compatibility fixes in the RSS HTTP protocol logic
- several minor DHT adjustments to further improve search speed
- tweaks to channel connection protocol to improve startup speed
- minor adjustments of UDP Peer Connection logic
- recovery from system ACPI suspend/resume is now much faster on Windows systems
- Linux auto-shutdown improvements, will work on any system supporting ConsoleKit via dbus, otherwise will issue direct command-line shutdown
- Linux ACPI suspend inhibition support on more systems (Gnome/Mate/Freedesktop)
- Linux magnet: and dsc: protocol handler support on more systems
- several other minor fixes throughout the program

Thanks for using Tixati!  More updates are coming soon.

Tixati version 1.97 has been released.  This is a maintenance release that contains many important fixes and several other minor improvements.

DHT Overhaul
- significantly faster DHT search speed
- vastly better protection against DoS and Clone/Flood attacks
- new incoming transaction soft ratelimiting system, to keep overall DHT traffic low under severe network conditions
- better cross-table high network concentration detection heuristics
- IPv4/6 cross-protocol bootstrapping improvements, better compatibility with Teredo systems

- overhauled PEX (peer exchange) caching system
- increased maximum metadata size to accommodate extremely large torrents
- sparse file allocation is now the default method on filesystems that support it
- loosened file last-modified time matching rules (in an attempt to stop some reported problems with NAS units)
- eliminated a pause after clicking the Add button in some XP systems
- failing tracker will not fallback to unannounced mode while transfer is in running mode
- minor tracker protocol compatibility adjustments
- no downloading while checking during initialization phase
- fixed a crash in the preload window when Apply To All is checked and Skip Queue is selected

- overhauled connection certificate caching system for more reliable connections
- using alternate threading strategy for channel stream piece decoding (eliminates a Win7-only handle leak caused by a faulty 3rd party POSIX threading library)
- stream titles show in chat via /streamtitles option
- option to randomize selected stream playlist items
- short duration ts/mp3 files are streamed more smoothly
- fixed several other minor bugs with stream title passthrough to media player
- version column in connections view
- channel-list search IP concentration limits loosened
- several minor protocol tweaks
- channel search function minor fixes

- fixed problems with POSIX threading library on Win7 platforms (handle leak)
- fixed problems with system suspend/resume on Win7 platforms
- improved SSDP and SLRD local peer discovery port-bind error handling
- minor UPC protocol adjustments
- minor fixes in UPC socket diagnostic charts
- Linux system suspend inhibition is now more reliable
- fixed minor problems in XP systems with saving config files in too large of chunks
- better handling of URLs containing # symbol (in RSS and other places HTTP is used)
- updated IP-Country database

- eliminate usage of file last-modified times to trigger checking (will instead keep block/file level hashes and use dynamic checking)
- overhaul of transfer multi-file management logic
- further investigation of some Win8 kernel panic problems (we did not observe problems on any of our Win8 systems, and are still trying to track this down)
- replacement of the .torrent auto-load system with something more reliable than the Windows file change notification API
- RSS auto-load / auto-start problems (this has also been difficult to recreate on our systems)
- a report of a Scheduler freezing problem
- overall framework upgrade to a leaner C++11 based system

More updates are being worked on.  Thanks for using Tixati!

Tixati version 1.96 is now available for download.  This version features several channel streaming improvements as well as several internal improvements to the DHT to provide for better security and robustness.
  • fixed problems with stream origination from pre-hashed files
  • stream item titles are now easily manipulated in playlist
  • stream title pass-through to listener's media player via ICY-MetaData
  • titles are parsed from source HTTP broadcasts and optionally relayed
  • titles are parsed from ID3 tags in pre-hashed MP3s
  • channel gathering operations are 50% faster
  • fixed problems with "meta info size mismatch" when creating new seeds
  • DHT algorithms and flood-protection heuristics have been greatly improved

Thanks for using Tixati!  More improvements are on the way...

Version 1.95 is now available.  This update features revised peer handling algorithms, new features and protocol improvements for the channels, and several other important fixes.
  • channel private messages flash the tray icon (optional, default on)
  • channel activity when view unfocused optionally changes tray icon (default off)
  • numerous protocol improvements for channel connections
  • approximately 8% improved channel streaming efficiency in swarms over 10 peers
  • transfer incoming connections are now more closely limited when max connection limit is close
  • faster peer rotation algorithm for transfers with large number of peers
  • minimum peer automatic re-connect time has been shortened, especially when few other peers
  • problems with extreme numbers of incoming connections flooding out established peers have been eliminated
  • peer local-interest throttling now allows slightly more (~20%) sources when bandwidth throttle not hit
  • final transfer tracker handshake upon program exit now reports absolute latest download/upload byte counts
  • updated IP address to country tables, now includes all allocations up to May 7, 2013
  • fixed problems with rss-created transfer meta-info
  • fixed problems with menu context (top/bottom pane mismatch on file commands) in split DL/Seed layout
  • compatibility improvements for Win8 systems

Thanks for using Tixati!  More improvements are coming soon.

Tixati version 1.94 is now available.  This version includes numerous improvements to the RSS reader, the web interface, and downloaded file handling, in addition to several dozen minor fixes through the program.  
  • RSS episode title parser supports anime-style encoding _-_###
  • Undo feature allows accidentally removed feeds to be restored for up to 2 minutes
  • RSS feed update pooling handles HTTP response 304 (Not Modified) more efficiently
  • RSS feeds limited to 3 concurrent updates
  • RSS feed non-default download/MOC locations now override category selection
  • Right-clicking one or more feeds allows download/MOC locations and category to be changed via menu
  • Several feed parsing improvement for wider compatibility
  • Atom feeds are now supported
  • Added scripting to web interface to disable buttons when no selection
  • Web interface has optional filter for transfers (off by default, enabled on Settings page within web interface)
  • Adding a transfer has option to stop after meta-info is gathered but before files are allocated
  • Bitfield display for folders within transfers is now more accurate
  • Initial file touching is now handled asynchonously and will not block UI for transfers containing many thousands of files
  • Improved downloaded-file checking heuristics in partially-downloaded transfers
  • Several minor fixes to the Scheduler
  • User-configurable folder shortcut queue size
  • Several file and folder dialog improvements on the Windows platform, including asynchronous icon caching
  • Several other Windows platform fixes to various UI widgets

Tixati version 1.93 is now available for download.  This release features a new Web UI as well as several important bug-fixes and improvements.
The Web Interface can be activated from the main settings window under the User Interface > Web Interface view.  The interface is fully customizable via template files, however the default implementation should be adequate for most uses and has been designed for maximum compatibility with different browser configurations and does NOT need JavaScript.  More work on the default template (including adding some non-invasive scripting to disable controls when there is no selection, etc.) will be done in future releases.

Trackers should now handle non-compliant HTTP responses more robustly, further increasing compatibility.  Upload/download totals on transfers over 4GB should now be handled correctly.

A few bugs writing large files over 4GB have been corrected.

File checking will no longer be triggered by general file-system errors and will only be triggered by a last-modified time mismatch.  This should alleviate problems when networked storage becomes temporarily unavailable.

Several other minor GUI bugs have also been fixed.

Another release is being planned soon with several fixes in the RSS reader and a possible replacement to the file/folder selection dialogs in Windows versions (these have been causing delays upon clicking the add button).  We are also working on some issues specific to Windows 8 performance.

Thanks for using Tixati!

Version 1.92 is now available.  This update features important usability improvements, some new features, and dozens of minor fixes and improvements.

There is now a function to undo the last transfer remove operation.  This is available in the popup menu that appears after clicking the Remove button in the main transfers view.  Transfers can be restored to the exact same state they were in, including peers and file selection, for up to three minutes after they have been removed.  After three minutes, memory and other resources are reclaimed by the system.

Transfer downloading algorithms have been improved to reduce outgoing interest in seeds when downloading from too many sources.  If the outgoing bandwidth throttle is being hit, transfers will reduce interest to try to download only from the 10 fastest sources.  If the throttle is not being hit or is not set, an advanced algorithm is used to reduce interest in seeds that are not providing statistically-significant bandwidth (such as a seed that provides 1K/s in a transfer with several other seeds providing >100K/s each.)  This has resulted in a reduction of protocol-related bandwidth overhead, and improved file-transfer speeds.

Standard SSDP-based local peer discovery has been added as an option for transfers.  This feature defaults to inactive (for top security on unsecured LANs), but can be set so that all transfers are announced, or just a few can be enabled individually via the Options tab for the transfer.  The announcement protocol is the same SSDP over multicast protocol used by other clients, and is fully compatible.  However, it should be noted that this protocol, while compatible with other clients, uses no encryption and allows anyone else on your LAN to theoretically identify and log any transfers that are being announced.

Channels now have the option to use the new Secure Local Resource Discovery protocol to gather channels and find channel peers from local sources.  This protocol uses encryption and prevents other users on your LAN from knowing what is being announced unless they have specific foreknowledge of the channel/resource.

Portable-mode can now automatically associate with magnet/dsc links and .torrent files.  Tixati-portable will remember the state of association before it was altered and restore it when the program exits, leaving the system unchanged.

Tracker handshake format has been tweaked for better compatibility with trackers that monitor bandwidth usage or ratio.  The ordering of fields has been changed, and separate byte counters are kept for each individual session.

Decentralized Sharing Channels have had numerous minor improvements as well.  The streaming engine for .ts files has been adjusted for more accurate pacing (delete and re-add .ts in playlists to reset the segments with better pacing.)  The settings for channel defaults can now optionally be applied to all existing channels.  Tooltips on user names in the chat message window will also contain the message time.  Automatic permission issuance has been tweaked for more rapid action upon operator commands.

There have been several other minor improvements and fixes throughout the program.

Thanks for using Tixati!  Please tell your friends!

Version 1.91 is now available.  The new version features many important optimizations and fixes throughout the program, as well as vastly improved media streaming within channels via a new outgoing playlist interface and .mp3/.ts file support.
  • extremely large transfers containing up to 50,000 individual files can be processed smoothly
  • transfers with very high piece counts (hundreds of thousands) are fully functional
  • extended meta-info size limits and improved meta-info download and upload algorithms
  • DHT IPv6 query rate-limiting is now much more accurate, compensates for wide 6to4 ranges
  • better overall DHT flood-protection heuristics to prevent wasting outgoing bandwidth
  • piece selection algorithm now compensates for de-selected files on remote peers
  • more permissive magnet link processing that tolerates encoding errors and bad attributes
  • new transfer filename processing handles overly-long names much better, avoids creating duplicates
  • improved peer connection/disconnection algorithms, shorter early retry delays under high demand
  • seeding ratio/count stop is now delayed until any active move/alloc/checking completes
  • better shell file and link association control
  • main bandwidth graphs now display channel traffic in a different color
  • chat views can now have their font changed separately (Settings> User Interface > Fonts)
  • freshly gathered channels are displayed in a distinct color
  • incoming private messages show the time received in the window caption and text tooltip
  • outgoing channel streams can be created from a .ts or .mp3 file (create a channel and type /streamout)
  • full-featured playlist interface for outgoing streaming that can be used to create a regular schedule
  • outgoing stream hashing is now 5x faster on 64-bit Windows machines, matching Linux performance
  • outgoing stream file hashing can be pre-cached, greatly reducing CPU requirements to originate streams
  • more intelligent connection rotation algorithms that better account for channel streams
  • channel permission issuance has much longer time to live, easing maintenance on large channels
  • better stream playback scheduling to smooth out hiccups on some older media players
  • further RSS compatibility fixes to support feeds that are severly broken or misconfigured
  • IP-Location tables have been updated from all five regional registries, up to 2012-08-09
  • numerous optimizations have been done in the GUI, greatly reducing flicker and CPU usage
  • many other minor fixes and improvements have been made throughout the program
Further improvements are in the works and will appear in upcoming versions.

Tixati version 1.89 is now alpha-testing.  There have been major improvements to the channel streaming feature as well as countless other optimizations and refinements throughout the program.  Please visit alpha.tixati.com for more details and updates during the test.

Version 1.88 is now available.

This version features a complete overhaul of Tixati's local file handling.

Individual files within a transfer can now be independently moved to any location on your hard-drive, even while downloading or seeding is in progress. Files, folders, and entire transfers can also be renamed with ease, without interruption.

Files that are unselected (red X in the download column) now have a Delete option to remove them from the local hard-drive. A forced-check can also be initiated on individual files.

The sequencing of checking/allocating/moving operations has also been greatly improved. The operation queue is now device-aware, and will allow allocation or move operations to carry out concurrently if they are not using conflicting devices.

Numerous other minor aspects of file handling have been improved, such as default file permissions, locking, head+tail priority widths, fast-allocation algorithms, rechecking criteria, and error handling.

There have also been several other minor improvements in other parts of the program. Magnet links will now resolve immediately, even if the transfer is locally queued. The RSS reader has a few new feed compatibility work-arounds. Many GUI fixes have been made.

Further improvements to several other areas of Tixati are in the works and will appear in upcoming versions.

Thank-you for using Tixati!

Tixati version 1.87 is now beta-testing.  This is a major update to file handling functions and other important parts of the program.  Please visit beta.tixati.com for more details and updates during the test.

Tixati version 1.86 is now available.  This is a minor update that fixes a few display formatting problems in the bandwidth and DHT charts.

Tixati version 1.85 is now available.
This version introduces a new fully-decentralized media streaming technology, and several other improvements and fixes throughout the program.
Tixati's already fully-decentralized channels now feature the ability to efficiently stream audio and/or video to all other users in the channel.  Our groundbreaking streaming technology is built around mixed-coefficient linear network coding, which provides significantly higher swarm throughput than all other conventional methods.  Coded blocks are also secured against tampering by downstream peers via a combination of elliptic-curve and lattice-based homomorphic signatures.  This is the world's first practical implementation of fully-decentralized network-coded streaming.  More information about the streaming technology and how you can listen or make your own stream can be found on our streaming help page.
A native Windows 64-bit build is now available.  For users with 64-bit systems, this new build will deliver noticeably improved performance.
The IP Filter feature now supports the use of ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes in place of a URL to a blocklist file.  The IP ranges used for country filtering are the same ones that power the flag column in the peers view.  This IP-country table is compiled using records from all five regional IP registries, and is fully updated in every new Tixati release.
IP Filters are now fully IPv6 operational.  This includes checking Teredo and 6to4 addresses properly against both the IPv6 and IPV4 list for a match.  IPv6 addresses can also be included in blocklist files.  For a description of the format and some example files, please see the IP Filter help page.  Tixati is now 100% IPv6 compliant in all parts of the program.
The popup menu for files within a transfer has a new Open Location option, which will open the containing folder in your operating system's file explorer.
Tree and list views now use the left/right arrow keys to expand/collapse folders, and ctrl-left/right to scroll the view sideways.  This allows easier navigation.  Files will now launch if they are selected and the enter key is pressed.
In tracker URLs, a :header: directive may be added to the end, followed by URL-encoded HTTP header line(s) that are to be used in place of the regular UserAgent line.  A :peerid: directive may also be used on the very end of a tracker URL (after :header: directive, if present) to override the peerid parameter for a single tracker.  For more information, see the trackers help page.
Further compatibility improvements have been made to Tixati's Universal Plug and Play functionality.  Incoming ports will be automatically mapped on an even wider range of broadband routers that support the UPNP specification.  If anyone still experiences problems, please leave us a note on our forum, including the make and model of router, and the UPNP log output, which can be found in the main Help menu under the Diagnostics section.
Numerous other minor improvements and fixes have been made to Tixati's GUI and core, as well as several performance-improving optimizations for both 32 and 64 bit editions.
Further improvements, both major and minor, will be coming in the following months.
Thanks for using Tixati and enjoy the new version!

Tixati version 1.83 is now available.

This update contains numerous improvements to the Channels as well as other areas:
  • configurable default user name
  • UDP hole-punching for channel connections
  • channel command menu for all user levels
  • ability to turn off join and leave notifications with /notify [on/off]
  • no join notifications upon initial channel connection
  • purging does not drop users with locally set recommended level or mod authority
  • channel local share data can be mirrored anywhere by using ##mirror:dsc:<channel-hash>
  • ##mirror directives can specify refresh time by adding &ttl=<minutes>
  • timing in /banold and /updateall commands now allow 10 minute overlap to prevent chat distruptions
  • channel connections rejected due to time mismatch are now clearly identified
  • copying text from browse, information, or chat windows now includes expanded magnet/web links
  • tooltip over "Channel List" in window list now includes channel count, last gather, and other details
  • more reliable channels list gathering
  • partially downloaded browse / channel info display formatting is much cleaner
  • better search result formatting for untitled web-links and hash-only magnet links
  • ##MOTD directives allow part of channel info to be displayed in chat upon entry
  • DHT strengthened to work around poorly-implemented clients confused by asymetric-NAT
  • better offline-detection and recovery prioritization for DHT searches
  • SOCKS and HTTP proxy connections now support SSL/HTTPS
  • download completion notification balloon clicks can optionally open containing folder (see UI>Behavior)
  • new settings for channel default timestamping, join/leave notify, and username
  • several other minor user-interface improvements and bug-fixes

Tixati version 1.82 is now available.

This version introduces Decentralized Sharing Channels.  These allow you to share, search, and chat with other users in purely decentralized channels that anyone can create.

Other changes include:
  • vastly improved magnet-link creation options
  • all GUI fonts fully adjustable
  • improved configuration file storage and fail-safe procedures
  • several DHT fixes and improvements
  • much better PEX performance in torrents with very few users
  • updated IP-Country database
  • protocol compatibility improvements related to super-seeding
  • improved behavior of tray-icon notifications
  • new transfer columns "Created" and "Completed"
  • wider Linux binary compatibility (eliminated libstdc++ dependencies)
  • updated Linux 64-bit machine-code optimizations for faster performance
  • numerous other minor fixes and improvements throughout the GUI and core

Version 1.81 Beta-1
is now available for testing.  This new version features Decentralized Sharing Channels that allow you to chat and share with other users in decentralized swarms.  Several other minor improvements and fixes have been made.

Tixati version 1.74 is now available.

This is a minor update that offers improved tracker compatibility.  A few minor GUI glitches have also been fixed.

Tixati version 1.73 is now available.

The DHT implementation has been fully revised for this version, and now includes full IPv6 support that complies with the BEP-32 standard for IPv6 DHT operations.  Several other major DHT improvements have been made, including much faster searches, better node table management, better resistance to eclipse attacks on the network, and better resistance to IPv4 cache-flooding problems caused by interactions between symmetric NAT routers and other poorly-written clients.  Both IPv4 and IPv6 tables now have multiple bootstrap nodes available for smooth entry into the network after fresh installation or if all cached nodes are lost.

The HTTPS protocol is now supported on tracker and RSS feed connections.  This includes all common versions and ciphers of SSL/TLS.

Trackers within transfers have been optimized to consume much less CPU in aggregate, even if you have several thousand operating concurrently.

Additional user-configurable rules have been added to the Auto-Limit feature.  It is now possible to add rules that cause throttle changes when pings are completely lost, which helps avoid congestive-collapse on some types of internet connections.

Several important bug-fixes and performance improvements have been made to the way Tixati interacts with the network.  UDP Peer Connections should now perform even faster and offer improved reliability.  Outgoing TCP connections to SOCKS/HTTP proxies are also much more reliable now, and have been fully tested with TOR and SSH clients in both Windows and Linux.

Several other minor user-interface glitches and bugs have been fixed.

Enjoy the new version!

Tixati version 1.72 has been officially released. This version contains several important performance upgrades and many other fixes and improvements.

UDP Peer Connections

Tixati now supports UDP Peer Connections. Our implementation is fully compatible with other clients, but also contains many key improvements to provide vastly better congestion avoidance characteristics, better security, TCP friendliness, and much higher top speed. We have experienced very good results in both emulated and real-world network environments, under a wide array of loss, re-ordering, and delay conditions.

Several new options have been added to Settings > Network > Connections. These allow control over protocol preference and connection timing, including the ability to fully disable TCP or UDP peer connections.

A UPC monitor has been added to the diagnostic tools. This shows a list of all connections including detailed statistics, as well as charts of congestion window sizes, round-trip times, time stamp data, and loss rates.

A UPC log window has also been added to the diagnostic tools. This can optionally log several aspects of socket operation, including raw packets.

UDP Hole-Punching

Tixati now supports incoming and outgoing UDP hole-punching, compatible with all other clients supporting the common "ut_holepunch" extension. This alleviates the need to map an incoming port through broadband routers and firewalls that use network address translation (NAT).

New PEX Core

The PEX (Peer EXchange) engine has been completely rebuilt from scratch. This was needed for optimal operation of UDP Hole-Punching, and should perform much better than previous versions. A much higher connection success rate is now achieved due to these changes.

New Throttle Timing Core

The engine that controls the timing and spacing of both UDP and TCP packets has been re-engineered to raise the minimum packet size under heavy bandwidth restriction. This helps improve throughput by maximizing the average ratio of packet data to packet header.

CPU usage under heavy throttling should be a bit lower now as the throttle now works under a single-pass algorithm as opposed to the previous multi-pass system which would need to repeat many times per cycle.

New Base Sockets Event Notifiers

The Linux event mechanism for sockets is now EPOLL-based instead of the old Realtime-Signals system. This allows events to be processed with far fewer system calls and switches between threads.

Both the Windows and Linux event mechanisms are now mostly lock-free, which also eliminates many system calls.

Multi-Priority Task Engine

The way in which Tixati handles its various background duties has now been organized into priority levels. This means that low-priority tasks (such as offline-checking file pieces) will not interfere with regular tasks (processing peer messages or saving pieces) or high-priority tasks (servicing UPC or the throttle). This should also improve interface responsiveness.

The task engine has also been made lock-free, eliminating thousands of system calls per task-cycle.

Minor Protocol-Compatibility Improvements

HTTP connections are more reliable and compatible than ever. We made several improvements that allow Tixati to operate reliably with servers that use uncommon keep-alive or compression schemes.

Peer connections now also support the "upload_only" extension within the inner "m" LT-EXT dictionary as opposed to the traditional field of the same name used in the outer root LT-EXT dictionary. This was observed on the open internet in a common client and added for the sake of better compatibility.

Miscellaneous Other Fixes/Improvements

Several other minor improvements and fixes have been made within the GUI. A new "Link" column has been added for peers. Auto-Shutdown can now optionally wait for both downloads and seeds to complete. Several other minor fixes have been made.

Alpha-testing of version 1.71 has begun.

This new version contains several performance improvements, including UDP Peer Connections.

Please visit http://alpha.tixati.com for more information.

Version 1.61 is now available for download at http://www.tixati.com/download
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Categories feature that allows transfers to be organized and manipulated as groups
  • Transfer description column and editor
  • Text Filter bar can now be used to filter transfers by name, description, file name, tracker URL, or peer IP
  • Improved PEX processing
  • DHT search algorithms upgraded for more thorough searching
  • Better fault-tolerance when reading config files from previous sessions
  • More toolbar display options in Settings > User Interface > Widgets
  • Several tree/list view internal optimizations for reduced CPU usage
  • Improvements to scheduler name synchronization with transfers, RSS feeds, and BW presets
  • Numerous minor UI fixes and optimizations
  • Updated IP-country data

Version 1.57 is now available for download at http://www.tixati.com/download
The following changes/additions were made:
  • New bandwidth view including multiple layouts
  • New bandwidth throttle and priority system, including ability to hard limit KB/s on any peer or transfer
  • Several choking algorithm improvements
  • Many core protocol improvements, including better PEX processing and filtering
  • More customization features in transfer-loading dialogs
  • Option to use trash or permanently delete local files
  • Support for sparse files in all operating systems (no waiting for file allocation)
  • Fault tolerance for transient file errors such as access locking violations and permission problems
  • RSS/IPFilter HTTP downloads support gzip content encoding
  • Better options for handling last-modified time mismatch problems
  • Better handling of edge/crust pieces inside partial downloads
  • Updated IP-country data
  • Optimized core win32 socket routines for much lower CPU usage under high-throughput conditions
  • Vastly better support for High-DPI / Large Font modes in Windows and Linux environments
  • Improvements to OS-themed button control painting to better match Windows 7 look and feel
  • New icons
  • Numerous other UI fixes and improvements

Version 1.56 has started beta testing.  Please visit beta.tixati.com to participate in the testing.

Version 1.52 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Files in all views are organized in their original folder structure, with ability to disable or adjust priority on entire folders. This option is on by default but can be toggled in the Layout menu under the Files sub-menu.
  • Icons are next to files in all views. The icons correspond to the different file types, as you would see exploring files in the regular shell. This option is on by default but can be toggled in the Layout menu under the Files sub-menu.
  • Separate downloading and seeding default bandwidth presets can now be selected. This can be done from the Bandwidth Presets window accessible from the system-tray menu.  Whenever Tixati transitions to or from fully-seeding state the default for the new state will be activated.
  • A category bar that can filter the list of transfers by state (downloading/seeding/queued/off) has been added. This bar can be activated in the layout menu, and is off by default.
  • A popup window to activate/deactivate optional columns has been added to replace the old system of checkboxes in the layout submenu.
  • Additional double-click option "Open Location/Folder" is now included.  This will open the location folder when a single-file transfer has been clicked, and open the base folder of multi-file transfers.
  • The Open-Folder option in the main context menu is now also available for single-file transfers, in which case it opens the download location.
  • New Import/Export functions have been added.  These are accessible from the main settings window.  This function can save all transfers, RSS feeds, scheduler items, IP filters, and settings to a single data file that can later be imported on a new system.
  • In the Settings under the Transfers > Metadata section an option has been added to delete .torrent files upon loading from a specified directory.
  • The ability to batch-save .torrent files from a multiple selection of transfers has been added. If multiple transfers are selected, Tixati will prompt for a destination folder and save a .torrent file for each selected transfer under its standard name, appending (1) to avoid conflicts with any existing .torrent files.
  • An option to allow more permissive file last-modified time checking has been added in the Settings under the Tranfers > Local Files section. This option is off by default (99.99% of users will never need it) but is necessary to work-around file-systems or file-servers that may delay updating the last-modified time after files have been closed.
  • Several other minor improvements and bugfixes have been made.

Version 1.51 is now beta testing for Windows and Linux.
If you would like to participate, please visit http://beta.tixati.com

Version 1.49 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Tracker Adjustment feature that allows custom add/remove of trackers when torrents load
  • Auto-Startup now has adjustable delay so that Tixati waits until system is fully settled after startup
  • File allocating / checking / moving interlocks and queuing for improved efficiency when multiple files are being moved
  • Several other minor file handling improvements
  • Transfer pre-load window now has tab to allow for tracker adjustment
  • Option to display full paths instead of folder names for location shortcuts
  • Finer control in UI>behavior options over what will cause pre-load and duplicate-load windows to appear
  • Several compatibility improvements to UPNP feature
  • Auto-Shutdown now compatible with Windows Vista/7 UAC
  • Fixed several compatibility problems with file / folder selection windows
  • Fixed problems with hanging URLs in RSS feeds
  • IP country data updated to 2011-01-04
  • New debug diagnostic views that can save reports, accessible by holding shift while clicking help button
  • Serveral other minor UI improvents and fixes

Version 1.46 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • The entire RSS feature has undergone a major revision
  • The scheduler has undergone a major revision
  • Peer-piece attachment algorithms have been greatly improved
  • Option to auto-save .torrent or magnet link when a new transfer starts
  • Auto-startup with computer
  • Auto-shutdown when downloads complete, with configurable delay
  • Bandwidth profiles
  • Configuration file loading/saving is much more robust, including backup files and warning prompts
  • Meta-info parsing is more tolerant of errors
  • Global peer ignore
  • Raised concurrent DHT search limits
  • Many improvements to core socket functions
  • System file access log with lag measurement
  • Diagnostic CPU usage category charts
  • New columns in transfer and peer views
  • Tooltip-enabled tree and list views
  • Several UI and output formatting improvements

Version 1.45 is now beta testing for Windows and Linux.
If you would like to participate, please visit http://www.tixati.com/beta/

Version 1.45 is now beta testing for Linux.
The Windows versions will be complete in a few weeks.
If you would like to participate, please visit http://www.tixati.com/beta/

Version 1.42 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • No allocating of files marked "do not download"
  • Pre-download prompt to allow user to change location settings or exclude files
  • New "Download" column with checkboxes in Files property tab to allow quick file selection
  • Improved file checking routines that can check single files individually within multi-file transfers
  • File allocating staggered for more efficient disk access
  • Disk file read caching for peers, with selectable cache optimization rules and logging options
  • Full BEP-21 "Extension for partial seeds" support in peer and tracker connections
  • Improved tracker editing
  • Trackers now default to all-tiers mode
  • Tracker HTTP compatibility improvements
  • Better DHT search prioritizing
  • New bandwidth profiles feature in tray menu
  • Ability to stop / restart all torrents from tray menu
  • Minimize button hide to tray option (Windows only)
  • Tray icon is now optional
  • Torrents with high file counts should work more smoothly
  • Improvements to RSS compatibility
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements to the user interface

Version 1.41 is now beta testing.
If you would like to participate, visit http://www.tixati.com/beta/

Version 1.37 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Automatic bandwidth throttling for DSL/Cable internet connections that measures latency and adjusts throttle for optimum performance
  • Vastly improved IPv6 support
  • Optional flag column for country of origin in peers view
  • Optional bytes in/out column for transfers view
  • Optional stop seeding ratio column for transfers view
  • Optional time seeding column for transfers view
  • Time-left in transfers view and details tab now shows seeding ratio goal ETA during seeding
  • Separate stop seeding ratio settings for locally created seeds and regular seeds
  • Indicator icon in transfers view and transfer details for created seeds
  • New seeding control options on transfer context menu
  • Option to simultaneously announce to all groups in multi-tracker torrents
  • Support for HTTP chunked encoding in tracker responses
  • Improved error decoding for tracker responses
  • Seed and peer counts from tracker response displayed in tracker status column
  • Optional recycling of queue slots between uploads and downloads
  • Settings window has been completely redesigned
  • Support for tray balloon download completion notifications in both Linux and Windows
  • Improved choking and activation algorithms for faster transfers
  • More flexible options for byte display units
  • Better options for controlling peer connection levels
  • Bandwidth throttles adjusted by KB/s instead of B/s
  • Several other minor improvements to the interface and core

Version 1.34 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Filter bar that limits view to only transfers with titles matching user-specified text
  • Manual force choke/unchoke option on peer context menus
  • Super-seeding option for more efficient initial seeding of new swarms
  • Tray icon tooltip now shows number of transfers uploading/downloading and bandwidth
  • Optional notification of completed transfers via blinking tray icon, beep, or tray balloon notification
  • Columns can be shown/hidden from layout menu in transfers view
  • New upload ratio column for transfers
  • New percent complete column for peers
  • Selectable peer connection levels allow the user to adjust how many peers are connected in each swarm
  • DHT search queue can be re-ordered via drag and drop
  • Several minor improvements to the user interface

Version 1.31 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Full featured scheduler that can start or stop transfers, RSS feeds, DHT, and adjust the bandwidth throttle on a daily or weekly cycle, or once on a specific date and time
  • Optional location column in peers view that displays the country of each peer
  • Optional client-version column in peers view that displays the BitTorrent client name and version of each peer
  • Option to show or hide text labels in the main toolbar
  • Option to show or hide icons in menus and on buttons
  • Numerous minor improvements to the user-interface

Version 1.29 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • IP Filter feature that accepts several blocklist formats and can auto-update from the web
  • Bandwidth charting for individual peers
  • Several minor improvements to the RSS reader
  • Full compatibility with Universal Naming Convention network file paths
  • A new portable edition is now available that allows Tixati to run from a flash-drive or other portable media

Version 1.26 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • A full-featured RSS reader with automated torrent loader
  • Downloaded files can be moved by right-clicking transfers
  • 'Move on complete' can be adjusted by right-clicking transfers
  • Magnet links can be copied and .torrent files can be saved by right-clicking transfers
  • Peer connection algorithms have been fine-tuned for better performance
  • Several minor refinements to the user interface

Version 1.21 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • Improved peer selection algorithms for even faster downloads
  • Full Unicode support
  • TCP/UDP socket layer completely re-coded for efficiency and lower CPU usage
  • Fully compatible with Windows 7
  • Four new options for byte display formatting in views
  • Option to limit concurrent outgoing connection attempts
  • Option to bind all incoming and outgoing sockets to specific local IP
  • Support for loading .torrent files with non-standard character encodings
  • Several minor refinements to user interface

Version 1.14 is now available for download.
The following changes/additions were made:
  • UDP tracker support
  • Tray icon with option to run in background
  • Main window can optionally hide behind tray icon when close button clicked
  • Win32 menu widgets have been re-coded from scratch to avoid problems with stock win32 modeless menus
  • Win32 file selection widget now works correctly when OS shell is set to hide known file extensions
  • Win32 folder selection widget hover-underline and hand-cursor
  • Win32 and Linux folder selection widget double-click debouncing
  • Escape key no longer closes transfer and peer properties windows (use alt-F4)
  • Transfer view layout menu now properly reflects sub-item ordering
  • Corrected problems with tree view widget sub-item sorting
  • Win32 tracker-blocking option should now work correctly
  • Problem with shell-opening .torrent files in Vista corrected
  • Pressing + or - in tree views will expand/collapse selected lines
  • Key navigation in transfers view will now correctly update selection in bottom property tabs

Version 1.13 is now available for download.
An initial configuration dialog was added to make setup easier, and there were minor changes to the win32 installer/uninstaller.

Version 1.12 beta-2 now available.
This version fixes a few minor display bugs and a few bugs with the win32 installer/uninstaller.

Version 1.12 beta-1 now available.